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Out of Context

posted Jun 18, 2012, 8:20 PM by Peter Burke

  Much to the dismay of our bottling line, the phrase “that’s what she said” exists.  I don’t know if it was brought into popular culture by Steve C from the hit tv show The Office, or some other method, but it’s a great little tag line.  The beverage production world is ripe for the insertion of this line (that’s what she said) because of all the fun words and equipment we have.  Bung, bung hole, hydrometer, you name it we have it to be misinterpreted.  I know another fun side track comment to be “great name for a band.”  Comedic writer Dave Barry was always partial to that particular game, and it is pretty fun.  Gazpacho Infused Vodka would be a band I would listen to on the radio, but not see in concert.  I would probably buy tickets to Inoculate with Brettanomycese, even if I didn’t like their music, which I would hope to be very smooth jazz played by an aging grunge band that changed their genre but not their name. 

   Switching gears, I’d also like to address a condition I fear is on the rise and spreading amongst we humans – stupidity.  Perhaps it’s more lack of common sense that’s sweeping around, but I know I’ve certainly felt the effects both as an innocent bystander and as an afflicted party practicing stupidity.  I’m starting a personal campaign to fight back against stupidity, namely taking a little extra time to think twice about what I do and say.  A tangible example – A middle aged customer recently arrived in the bar and asked me if I had seen her friends.  No lead in, no description.  My suggestion – “Have you tried looking for them?”  The customer had not yet looked for them, and I think I was able to provide the right remedy for that case of stupidity.  Let’s try another example.  “You know what I think you should do – sell food.”  Let’s break that down.  Had the questioner thought it out first, they would know that smart, successful business people such as the ones that started the brewery have entertained that idea, and for various and plentiful reasons that I don’t have space for, have decided against it.  I would much rather encounter the “Is there a reason you guys don’t sell food?” question.  People should ask questions, but let’s be smart here folks.