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Nantucket: An Ocular Outing

posted Sep 7, 2011, 6:41 AM by Peter Burke
  I don't know the digital version of a high five, and I can't figure out how to superscript the number 5 in this blog.  If I could, I'd high five all 3 of you and say congrats on making it through the 31 days of A (we don't speak the name).  When I go back to school to finish the psychology degree that I started on my first bar shift here, I will submit my recommendation for a case study focused on our crowd.  The dynamic group of people that make up our customers; the swings throughout the year; links between weather, attitude, and business.  Volumes of textbooks could be written too.  Vol. 1- Are you crazy enough to bartend? 5 q's you should ask yourself.  Chapter 7 might read - How people driving the wrong way through the one way loop parking lot cause grey hairs and angst.  Vol 3. Chp 1 - How to continue parenting your child while doing a tasting flight.
  As crazy a month as it was, business was good (knock knock) and all the staff performed like champs.  Month 8 also included some really cool marker events that I tried to document via photos, both on the phone and via digital camera.  Enjoy this visual interlude.  
 This is a play area at the Children's House.  Funding for the structure was raised during the Iron Bartender event hosted here at Cisco earlier in the year.  Thanks for all who participated and donated.

These are some photos of Hurricane Irene's windy landfall on Nantucket.   Ian S. in yellow getting his lean on, and then the quad shot with Todd B, Ian S, Colby S, and Chris C.  


So, I should also probably fill everybody in on my personal life.  I'm seeing someone.  It's an on-again off-again situation, we've had this coy play thing going on for a few years, a few months at a time.  I don't want to dive to deep here in this highly visible blog, but it's too exciting to keep under wraps. She's been sporting this new dress too, and has been working out.  I'm talking serious 6-pack people.  


So apparently there's a limit to the number of photos you can attach in a blog.  And I've reached it.  Happy September, time to dust off your leaf crunching shoes and sweater vests.  Football is back too, I'll try not to turn these entries into sports recaps, but football and beer do go hand-in-hand, no promises.