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Mobile Bartending

posted Oct 6, 2011, 9:00 PM by Peter Burke   [ updated Oct 7, 2011, 6:04 AM ]
    It's about that time of year.  Come mid-October I'll be heading out on the road on another educational adventure.  Our distribution is growing everyday, and it's only fair to expect better results when we put resources into those markets.  Some people call it sales, I say it's mobile bartending.  There are variations, but they are balanced if not surpassed by similarities.  Let's break it down, and say at the end of a sales, err, mobile bartending call, there are two outcomes.  People buy the products, or people don't buy the products.  Everything from attire to attitude, time of day to the result of the local sports contest can influence the outcome.  Get a haircut, don some new duds.  Surely I can help my own case, but at the end of the day I have a wildcard.  Our beer is phenomenal.  Some brewers stand behind a breadwinner and limp along with other brands.  Whales Tale (note the spelling ya dumb dumbs.  Tale aint tail.)  may be the brand leader, but that doesn't stop Indie and Bailey's from being the best IPA or Blonde Ale, respectively, that I've tasted.  Our beers can compete with any other styles in their markets. 
    On a local note, we've got some awesome beers on tap.  Jeff and Ian have been busy, introducing the Island Reserve series to our lineup.  Jeff's blog explains more, but on the surface we have limited release beers available on tap and in bottle.  Unlike the "Woods" series, the island reserves don't require aging.  Saison, Very (Kyle, Gerry) Brown IPA, "En Fuego" Pumpkin, you name it we got it.  
    Prolonging the inevitable, I always have mixed feelings about traveling.  The best winter I've ever had was 08-09, when shift bartending was a weekly occurrence and potluck fridays sounded like it might be a fun idea to try out.  I made more meaningful connections than any other truncated timetable, and instead of meeting people I got to know people.  Using that as a benchmark holds all other winters to a high standard, but what do you expect when a man eats turkey 4 different ways (in 1 day), strolls proper for the first time, and partakes in a Santa pub crawl all in a 3 month span?  On the flip side, I've been handed the great opportunity to travel and see awesome parts of our country, all for work!  Leaving Nantucket only makes me appreciate it more. 
    For visual introduction and to lighten the dim spirit cloud that seems to be hovering above this blog post, I'll introduce 3 photos from my steam / light series. Ian S, Randy H, and Grey L. all make appearances, you'll have to decipher what's what.  I borrowed the "fire pint" photo idea from Ian S and there is a different photo we took during that first fall with our pint license.  If I find it I'm not sharing it with you nerds.  

And I'll take one more quick sentence to brag about my family.  Congrats to my sister and her husband and their new son (my second nephew) Conor! Now I can put my finely-tuned Uncle skills to work - feed them candy and get them all fired up, then drop them back home.  Time tested fomula.