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posted Jul 30, 2011, 9:02 PM by Peter Burke
I make up words, no big deal.  As mentioned in a pryoblog (another made up word, layer that, "Inception" freaks), I have no problems abusing the english language during blogs.  I was struck by a bolt of creativity this evening whilst curing my friend and housemate Colby S. of a curious case of inconvenient hiccups (CCIH's).  Hiccups have long been associated with the imbibing of alcohol throughout history, from cartoon strips to black and white westerns - the whiskey slugging character was always plagued by the hiccups. Hiccups start with an H, a great letter, so I thought it would be interesting to break down the individual elements that make up our 5 Bartlett Farm Rd location in acronym form.  The US government does it the best, with ESPN / pro sports right behind. TSA, NASA, CIA, FBI you name it they've shortened it.  NFL, CBA, RBI, ERA, GAA, FU.   Real sporty.  Welcome to Acronymology 101 - The fabrication, explanation, and bullshittery of a trip to Cisco.  Class is in session, our word today is Reinheitsgebot.  Reinheitsgebot - A German beer purity law that states Beer can only be made using 4 ingredients: Water, Malt, Yeast, and Hops.  It also has a lot of letters, so it works out for this blog.  Lets begin.
R -  Relax.  Great beverages are to be enjoyed, hopefully on vacation or after work.  Forget about stress, show up to calm down  
E- Eat before you get to our shop.  Our licensing doesn't allow us to serve food, so pack a snack or come prepared to hear our spiel.
I - ID, also pryoblogged.  If you aren't 21, I apologize, write to your Senator instead of hassling us for booze
N - NERDS.  We are beverage nerds. Join us in our quest to expel inferior liquids from planet Earth.  Learn about stuff from Jeff on a tour.
H - Hiccups. Gaseous beverages can cause uncontrollable reflexes of the diaphragm.  I know a legit cure, ask Colby S.  I'm serous.
E - Early, we open at 10 am.  Come enjoy a tasting flight, we have to stop them when it gets too busy.  
I - Imperturbable - have patience, we know it gets crowded.  Just keep thinking of the prize at the end of the line!
T - Tour, we have a property tour guided by the brewer 4pm most days.  Book in the beer bar. Walk behind the scenes tasting along the way
S - Socialize, meet new people, share a table and tell stories - it's at the heart of the beverage world roots
G - Growlers, for enjoyment off our property only.  Buy one, own it forever, bring it back and get it filled fresh off the taps!
E - Environment - We use compostable corn cups.  Help us and toss yours in the trash on your way out, it's our best dishwasherless option  
B - Beer, nuff said.
O - Olfactory, a majority of your taste is based on your sense of smell. Try to pick out flavors on the nose, you'll get better at it. 
T - Thanks of course.  We try to provide a unique environment out here, and it's based a lot on how the customers make it.