H A N D C R A F T E D    S M A L L    B A T C H    S I N G L E    M A L T    W H I S K Y

Notch, as in "not Scotch, but rather single malt whisky from Nantucket," is a new world whisky distilled from pure island glacial water. Cisco Brewers develops the whisky wash by producing a young beer made from Maris Otter malt; the wash is then transferred to the Triple Eight Distillery, where the alcohol is heated in a small copper pot still. The heart of this pure distillate is captured and racked in ex-bourbon barrels from the makers of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace. The fresh distillate is then laid to rest in the bonded warehouse for 8 years.

Where and how "The Notch" is aged, is a process and an art. Beginning with the distilled liquid, the journey starts with years spent "in the wood", first in American White Oak casks, then transferred for its final months to Nantucket Vineyard's French Oak merlot wine-soaked casks, which imbue the product with its Nantucket red hue.
Its smooth taste is derived from Nantucket's climate which is similar to that of Scotland with modest temperatures and an abundance of fog.
According to Jim Murray of the Whiskey Bible, "the short temperature spikes in the summer months actually speed up the maturation process to that of 2 times of what is aged in Scotland, making for a superb dram and brilliant new whisky." These factors along with Nantucket's promixity to the ocean make the island an ideal location for producing single malt whisky. Combine that with the distilling and blending expertise of master distiller, Dean Long, and what you have is, "The Notch", Nantucket Single Malt Whisky.

"A Notch above...


According to the Whisky Bible, this rare rating makes this an exceptional whisky, called brilliant. Triple Eight has succeeded in producing a world-class premium whisky.

-Jim Murray
author of the Whisky Bible