NV Wines

Located in the pastoral heart of Nantucket on the way to Cisco Beach , Nantucket Vineyard was established in 1981 by Dean and Melissa Long.

Part of the mission along the way has been to educate consumers about the production process involved – now islanders and visitors alike have had their consciousness expanded in regard to our fine hand-made libations.

Combining old world techniques with state of the art technology Dean Long's selections include unique and delicious wines that you won't find anywhere else. No longer restricted by the islands geography and climate, Dean now finds the best grapes in the given year, and the wines are better than ever.
color: pale gold
nose: oak, violets and licorice
palate: soft oak with a hint of minerals and kiwifruit, or honeydew melon.

A bright wine with a clean finish, aged one year in new French oak barrels. Lighter and less oaky than some, yet still possessing the classic Chardonnay qualities, this is a good wine for both new and experienced Chardonnay drinkers, and also for those less fond of oaked wines. 750ml, $18

Peach Viognier
color: pale peach
nose: peaches, and floral notes
palate: dry, light, clean, and refreshing, with a subtle peach flavor
After aging for 12 months in stainless steel tanks, our Viognier wine is then infused for one week with fresh peaches from Harvard, Massachusetts. A perfect summer or fall companion to bring to the beach, the backyard cookout, or on a leisurely nature walk.   750ml, $18

Cranberry Pinot Gris
color: amber peach
nose: sweet citrus and cranberry with a touch of honey.
palate: dry, light, tart cranberry that tickles the tongue, with tones of kiwifruit and berries
Pinot Gris grapes aged one year in stainless steel are then infused with a homemade Nantucket Cranberry extract and lightly carbonated for a subtle effervescence. The final result is a versatile island favorite, enjoyable in the summer sun or at the holiday dinner party and makes a great Nantucket souvenir. 750ml, $16

Blueberry Pinot Gris
color: cherry red
nose: blueberry
palate: a perfect marriage of softly sweet blueberry and bright, clean Pinot Gris, with the subtle tannin flavors of blueberry seeds, which adds an element of forest berries and dark fruits to an otherwise light and refreshing wine
Starting with Pinot Gris grapes aged for one year in stainless steel, fresh Maine blueberries are then added to the tank for one week to create a delicious, fun and attractive wine. Our Blueberry Pinot Gris is a refreshing and unique wine for any occasion and also makes a wonderful base for sangria! 750ml, $16


Color: black cherry

Nose: pepper, tobacco, juicy/ripe fruit

Pallet: pepper, raw honey

Dry vs. Sweet: tannic and sweet

Finish: honey, maple syrup, candied sour cherry finish, ABV 20%

750ml, $22

color: golden green
nose: beautiful floral notes of early summer, and fruit preserves
palate: rich and full-bodied, with sweet oak and citrus flavors, and a refreshing finish
Originating from the Rhone Valley in France, Viognier (vee-own-yay) grapes are typically very aromatic and floral and although they are not particularly well-known in the United States, Viogniers are favored for use in red wine blends and are often referred to as the “red-wine-drinkers white.”
Our Viognier grapes are aged for 14 months in new French oak barrels making our wine an excellent choice for those who enjoy Chardonnay, or more full-bodied whites.
750ml, $18

Pinot Gris
color: light honey with soft pink undertones
nose: sweet, ripe plums, and preserved peaches
palate: dry and light, fruity, with hints of vanilla and lemon, and a mineral, almost nutty finish
Pinot Gris grapes are aged one year in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine is dry, yet soft and fruity enough to also appeal to sweet palates; a simple and effortless crowd-pleaser. 750ml, $15

Sailor's Delight
color: plum red
nose: dark, ripe fruits and blackberry
palate: dry, soft, smooth oak, with subtly sweet dates, slight tannin
A balanced blend of Merlot and Syrah grapes aged for 18 months  in French oak barrels. A well-rounded wine not too dry or sweet, heavy or light.
A good match for those who enjoy Merlot, Syrah, or even Cabernet, and pleasing to nearly all red wine drinkers.
750ml, $17

Brut Cuvee

Color: pale gold with a touch of copper

Nose: well-rounded apple

Pallet: light yeasty note with hint of molasses

Dry vs. Sweet: dry and tart

Finish: dried apricot with a hint of orange zest

750ml, $30

Sparkling Rose

Color: rose gold

Nose: pomegranate, earthy, sour cherry

Pallet: medium bodied

Dry vs. Sweet: dry but not tart

Finish: long finish with a touch of honey and fig

750ml, $30