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Drink Recipes

Top 24 Signature Triple Eight Cocktails

                Matt Lambo enjoying a Triple 8 Cocktail

Think globally, drink locally!!

Blueberry Lemonade

Triple Eight Blueberry Vodka, sour mix, garnish with lemon slice

Nantucket Creamsicle

Triple Eight Orange, Triple Eight Vanilla, ginger ale or cream soda, splash of orange juice.

Foggy Orange

Triple Eight Cranberry, orange juice, soda water, lime wedge garnish.

Pink Whale

Triple Eight Cranberry, splash of sour mix, splash of 7up.

888 Cranberry Cosmo

Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka, Triple Eight Orange, splash of Cointreau, splash of cran, fresh squeezed lime, lime twist

Skinny Guinea

Triple Eight Vanilla Vodka, diet coke or diet root beer. Or just coke or root beer or ginger ale and rename…..

Nantucket Tea

Triple Eight Vodka, Triple Eight Orange, Triple Eight Cranberry, Gale Force Gin, sour mix, splash of cola and a float of Hurricane Rum served in pint glass with a lemon wedge.

Crantucket Lemonade

Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka, sour mix, garnish with lemon slice. (Also great frozen)

The Man from Nantucket

Long pour of Triple Eight Vodka, soda water, a splash cranberry juice, large glass, and garnish with a lime wedge.

Key Lime Pie

Triple Eight Vanilla, Midori, lime juice and a splash of milk served with a graham cracker rim.

Gale Force Gimlet

Gale Force Gin, lime juice, lime garnish.


Triple Eight Cranberry Vodka, apple liquor, splash of cranberry juice, martini glass with sugared rim and sliced apple garnish.

Enter the Dragon

Triple Eight Orange, Kalamansa Honey, garnish with mint sprig and cayan pepper.

Triple “O” Seven

Triple Eight Orange Vodka, 7-up, orange or lime garnish.

Cheesecake Martini

Triple Eight Vanilla, Malibu, butterscotch schnapps, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and pineapple juice served with a graham cracker rim.

Espresso Martini

Triple Eight Vanilla vodka, real espresso (substitute espresso liquor), Bailey’s, Kahlua, garnish with espresso beans.

Nantucket Ferry Bomb  or  Chocolate and Vanilla

Cisco Brewers Moor Porter or Captain Swain’s Extra Stout, side of Triple Eight Vanilla in shot glass or directly in 10oz of beer. Delicious!

Life Is Good

Triple Eight Cranberry, splash of 7-up, splash of red bull, splash of cranberry, lime and cherry garnish

Triple Threat

Triple Eight Cranberry, Orange and Original Vodkas; splash of soda, garnish with lime and orange

Little Miss Sunshine

Triple Eight Cranberry, Triple Eight Orange, triple sec, splash of OJ, Splash of Cranberry juice. Serve up in martini glass with lemon twist.

Figawi Wowie

Mint infused blueberry vodka, soda water, splash of lemonade. Lime garnish.

dACK n Stormy

Fresh ginger juice, simple syrup, squeeze half a lime, Hurricane rum, topped with splash of soda

Triple Root Beer

Triple Eight Vanilla Vodka and Root beer. Wow!

Running of the Blues

Triple Eight Blueberry vodka and Red Bull.

Blue Wave

Triple Eight Cranberry, Blueberry and Orange vodkas. Pineapple Juice. Splash of blue curacao