Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers

5 Bartlett Farm Road

Nantucket, MA 02554

Parking is very limited!  If you decide to drive, please do not park on our side (South Side) of Bartlett Farm Rd.  The "No Parking  This Side" zone extends down the entire length of the road, cars on our side of the road present a safety hazard for emergency vehicles, and the police will ticket your car.  Please park on the other side (North Side) of Bartlett Farm road.  Thanks!

Please consider riding a bike, taking a cab or the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority bus - "Miacomet Loop".

Check out the NRTA website for more information. The closest bus stop is the Somerset Lane/Hummock Pond Rd corner and we are a 1/3 of the mile up the road.

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