Notch Barrel Smoked Pumpkins... in Ale

posted Sep 29, 2011, 8:46 AM by Jeffrey Horner   [ updated May 12, 2012, 5:40 PM ]
Most beers that have had contact with whisky barrels are aged in them imparting whisky and oak character directly to the fermented beer.
This is not most beer...
750 pounds of little sugar pumpkins grown a couple hundred yards from the brewery, from our neighbor Bartlett Farm, roasted for 2 hours.  (Thanks Caleb)
The source of smoke and heat was the staves of 10 year-old Notch barrels.  Notch is our single malt "scotch-style" whisky.
When the pumpkins were completely roasted and smoked they macerated in two barrels with a bit of whisky still in them, pulling flavor and aroma from the barrels overnight.  The next morning the smokey pumpkin mush was included in the mash!  The result: whisky and oak and smoke and pumpkin all residing happily in a quaffable ale.