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The Woods

W I N T E R   W O O D S

Flemish Braggot Smoke Spice Oak: Lambic critters, French oak barrels. Pinot Noir grapes. Mulling spices. 1000 lbs raw local honey. Cherrywood smoked malt.

9%  abv $16

L A D Y   OF   T H E   W O O D S

Bright straw with white lace. Tropical fruit, oak, Chardonnay. Slight tang finishes dry and refreshing.

5.0%abv cs:195 1/6bbl:90 $16

C H E R R Y   W O O D S

Wheat based ale aged in oak for 12 months with proprietary bugs and whole sour cherries. This beer is quenching, dry, and visually stunning.

4.7% abv cs: 195 1/6bbl: 90 $16  


M O N O M O Y   K R I E K
2 year old Nantucket Flemish-style red aged on whole sour cherries for 10 months. This is similar to sipping the ideal of what a "cherry" is... UNREAL.

6.7%abv cs:131 1/6bbl: 0 $25

F U L L   &   B Y   R Y E

Flemish-style red diverted into used rye whiskey barrels; 100% wood fermentation. 13 Months in used American oak rye whisky barrels with proprietary blend of micro flora have created a brilliant deep ruby/burgundy beer. Nose of cherries, vanilla, and whisky. No Fruit Used. Tastes a bit like toasted rhubarb berry cobbler. Allusions of fruit sweetness from the brettanomyces balance the slight tang of bacteria.

 6.6% abv cs:125 1/6bbl:0 $16