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I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics of Sciences Po Paris.

Job Market

I will be available for interviews at the

  • EEA European Job Market in Naples (December 2018);
  • ASSA Meetings in Atlanta (January 2019).

Updated Job Market Paper available here


  • December 2018: the paper ''Like Attract Like? A Structural Comparison of Homogamy Across Same-Sex and Different-Sex Households'', co-written with Alfred Galichon and Marion Goussé, has been accepted at the Journal of Political Economy!

Fields of research

My PhD thesis is supervised by Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po Paris, University College of London) and Alfred Galichon (New York University).

I work on a broad set of topics in labor and family economics: marriage markets, divorce, family labor supply, fertility, human capital.

I am specialized in the modeling and estimation of matching markets of different kinds - with or without frictions, static or dynamic.


Email address: edoardo.ciscato@sciencespo.fr

Department address: Sciences Po - Département d'économie - 28 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 PARIS