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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of KU Leuven. I received my PhD in Economics from Sciences Po Paris.


  • November 2020: an easy-to-use R package to estimate matching models with Transferable Utility is now available on CRAN (full official documentation) and GitHub (development version). The package covers both the classic bipartite model of Dupuy and Galichon (2014, JPE) and its unipartite version (Ciscato, Galichon and Goussé, 2020, JPE).

  • November 2020: a preliminary version of my work with Pierre-André Chiappori and Carla Guerriero, Analyzing Matching Patterns in Marriage: Theory and Application to Italian Data, is now available on the HCEO website.

Fields of research

I work on a broad set of topics in labor and family economics: marriage markets, divorce, family labor supply, fertility, human capital.

I am specialized in the modeling and estimation of matching markets of different kinds - with or without frictions, static or dynamic.

Read an interview about my research on the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity webpage.

On marriage markets, individuals tend to marry partners with a similar level of education. The plot shows that couples where both partners have a high education are also taller on average, and the wife is thinner (lower Body Mass Index) and more likely to work outside the home. Their children perform better at school - they have better math and Italian grades - but they are also thinner and slightly taller. Plot from Chiappori, Ciscato and Guerriero (2020); household data collected in Naples (Italy) as part of the CHILDROLE project.


Email address: edoardo.ciscato@kuleuven.be

Office address: office 02.121, Naamsestraat 69, 3000 Leuven