CFP - Special Session on Ambient Computational Intelligence in IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems. 

Welcome to Ambient Intelligence task force of the Emergent Technologies Technical Committee tracks of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

The rapid growth in hardware miniaturization has enabled the current vision for an alternative computing trend whose main aim is the creation of digital environments populated by interacting electronic devices to form a fine-grained distributed network: Ubiquitous Computing. Built on the ubiquitous computing idea, the Ambient Intelligence paradigm is a candidate to become the next wave of computing. Indeed, this novel computing approach is aimed to extend the ubiquitous vision by incorporating intrinsic intelligence in pervasive systems. This idea enables the study, design and development of embodiments for smart environments that not only react to human events through sensing, interpretation and service provision, but also learn and adapt their operation and services to the users over time. These embodiments employ contextual information when available, and offer unobtrusive and intuitive interfaces to their users. The role of our Task Force is to create a valuable forum for the exchange of high quality research among academic and industrial people working in this important and innovative area.

Ambient Intelligence refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. The primary target of the Ambient Intelligent Task Force is to promote the research of Computational Intelligence in the area of Ambient Intelligence. Further, this task force aims at providing a forum for academic and industrial researchers to explore future directions of research and to publicise the new and emerging technologies of Computational Intelligence to a wider audience.

The Emergent Technologies Technical Committee tracks (ETTC), identifies, promotes, and nurtures new and emergent approaches, concepts, and areas that relate or are within the scope of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS)  of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and should be embraced by the CIS in tangible ways such as sponsorship of conferences, symposia, and educational activities. The ETTC also recommends new Technical Committees to the CIS when necessary.