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Irene Greif

Dr. Irene Greif has an outstanding list of accomplishments and acknowledgements. She was the first woman to ever earn a doctorate in computer science from MIT, making her a role model and an inspiration to many women today. Dr. Greif has won many honors in the computer science industry. She is accredited for being a computer scientist, communicator, manager, and most impressively she created a "world class research organization" (WITI, 2007), considered to be one of the major contributors to IBMs success. She originally worked on the project with Lotus Development Corporation but later transferred it to IBM to expand its ambit across IBM. "Dr. Greif, as the founder of the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), is an expert in how people work with computers and how people can work with each other using computers, and she has had a major impact on technology throughout the world in the sharing of work, remote work, knowledge management, and distance learning" (WITI, 2007). CSCW is the software underlying groupware like Lotus Notes, which is the leading software product in the industry. “More recent innovations include Reinventing Email, business activities, and social bookmarking” (WITI, 2007). Dr. Grief is also a promoter of using imperative designs on the computer to better assist user interface and interactive visualization. She has encouraged thousands of people across the United States, Europe and Asia utilize the collective side of computer science and help them understand the validity in working together from afar through computers. “Dr. Greif’s work has brought a feminine perspective to the world of technology, integrating social concerns with technical ones” (WITI, 2007).She has offered a new method, CSCW, allowing people to have a more user friendly way to be connected with user interface and interactive visualization.



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