super8 and normal 8 splicers.

please send me an email to know what splicers are available!

Its getting harder to find splicers at flea-markets and second hand shops here in Turin, probably because I've bought them all. I'm also paying a bit more for splicers than i used to, so ive adjusted my prices to reflect that.
I've been supplying good condition splicers and unreasonably low prices to the super8 community for a long time, and i hope to keep doing so for many years to come. Perhaps one day when every single splicer made by the CIR company and sold to the domestic market in Italy is being used by somebody to edit and project film rather than collecting dust  I'll  be able to call it a day, but we're not there yet.

I normally have splicers though so get in touch.

super8 metal splicers 60€

super8 plastic splicers 30€

normal 8 metal splicers 60€

Postage and Packaging is 20€ in the EU 30€ to north America please ask for other countries.

if you want a splicer email me at:

8mm and Super8 Splicers

If you work with small format film, you need a splicer, there are many different kinds of splicers for super8 and normal 8. but many are bad quality and risk destroying your films, or need impossible to find pre-perforated tape.

The best of the bunch is the cir "catozzo" splicer which is actually still available new from:

C.I.R. stands for Costruzione Indcolatrici Rapide, which means "the fast splicer makers" the splicer is also called "Catozzo" after its inventor, Leo Catozzo. who edited frederico felini's "La Strada", which amuses me, because like the protagonist, Zampano, i am a street performer.

The C.I.R. splicer is renowned by filmmakers around the world and even won an academy award for the 35mm version.
it is easy to use, good to your film and uses unperforated tape, which you can buy from the place where you buy your super8 filmstock. wittner, andec, etc.
if you can't find real film splicing tape then you can use regular scotch tape, you should search for the clearest possible tape, and test it to make sure that its glue doesn't do bad things to your film.

a note about 9.5mm 16mm and 35mm splicers:
Unfortunately i do not sell these. if you want a 16mm or 35mm splicer you'll have to go directly CIR at

CIR  "Catozzo" 8mm and super8 splicers

Where do these splicers come from?

i collect and use super8 and normal 8mm film and accessories, i like flea markets and have a keen eye for old technology, whenever i find these splicers in the flea market i buy them, and sell them on for a modest price that covers my time and effort. (often cheaper than ebay)  i'm not getting rich doing this, i just hate to see this stuff get thrown away.

There are a few different models of these splicers. plastic and metal standard and deluxe. but they are all good.

They are found with a few different brand names (3M, Ferrania, Cir) but they are all identical and all made in the same factory in Rome

Box or no Box?:
When the splicer comes in an box i'll send it to you that way, But please bear in mind that the plastic boxes get fragile with age and sometimes break in the post even when i do my best to wrap them up nicely.

Normal or deluxe(special):
The different between the normal and deluxe (special) models is in the way that the film is held down during splicing, the improved mechanism on the deluxe is a bit faster to use but the splices are the same.
it makes no difference which one you get except if you are working in a film lab, or doing lots and lots of editing.

Metal or plastic:
The metal models are nicer to use than the plastic ones which wear out if you use them intensively. but the cutter is the same, and the splices are identical to the metal models. unless you are a film lab, the difference probably doesn't matter.

Newer or older normal8 splicers. 
The original CIR normal8 splicers had a separate cutter on the back, at some point the splicers were redesigned with the cutter on the side. This was probably done to reduce manufacturing costs. The cutter blade is the same and so is the registration hole punch. Sometimes I have more of these than the newer ones.

They are all in very good condition but remember that they are USED GOODS.

email me at

normal 8 model special (also "deluxe")  less common than the others. See top of page for availability.
normal 8 early model the cutter,matrix and registration hole punch are all the same as later models, this is the prefered model for projectionists because the film cutter is easier to use for trimming the leaders of old films.

 See top of page for availability.

normal  8  ordinary model note the film holder clips are different from the "special" and "deluxe"
 See top of page for availability.
super 8 model super.  i usually have these available. See top of page for availability.
super 8 plastic.  splices just as good as the metal splicers but isn't quite so robust.. See top of page for availability. 
super 8 model super with original cir branding.  (identical to rebranded models and extremly rare. the difference is only important if youre putting it in a museum, this is strongly discouraged though, i prefer them to be used for splicing!) See top of page for availability.