"Hike of students and graduates of the "Hebrew School" in Parafianov July 2, 1933." The picture was found in Celia A's shoe box of pictures, and can also be found on page 132 of the Dokshitz-Parafianov Yizkor book. However, the version in the Yizkor Book is a very poor reproduction, while Celia's shoe box contained an original or reprint of the original.  On the back of the picture are  some Yiddish words which we believe are the names of some of our family members. These are still in the process of being translated. Please check your shoe boxes. Perhaps you have in your possession similar pictures.  Soon, hopefully, the English translation of the Yizkor book which you may read on the Internet will be printed. The photos will be better if they include scans of original prints, and photos that were not in the original book may be added as additional material. thanks.
     My name is Aaron Israel Ginsburg. I created for this site about the Cirlin-Ginzburg family, but I depend on you for suggestions, and for information about the family You may wish to read about me. I think you will also enjoy  pages devoted to our FAMILY CELEBRITIES,  a FAMILY PHOTO ALBUM which includes a picture taken during my fact finding trip to Florida in November 2005, and a second New York Photo album which includes pictures taken during my  trip to New York in February, 2006.  If you want copies of any picture, please e-mailme. My hope is that eventually we will have an all family reunion, probably in the New York area. This of course, depends on you more than it depends on me.  Since our family tree is now fairly complete, stand by for details of how to order a copy. Future projects include a family photo poster(I will requesting pictures if I do not already have them), and "The Book of the Cirlin-Ginzburgs," which will be written by you, of course. If you wish to help with the latter two projects, please let me know.

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