The Free State of Cirdastan


Cirdastan is a small agricultural and trade centre founded between the Orc held human towns of Fax/Elredd/Badwall and the military demarcation line between the forces of an Orkish empire called the Pomarj and the City-State of Greyhawk. The town was founded by a company of adventures who used the bounty supplied by the lost goddess Cirda to stake out a piece of the Wild Coast as their own.  Through intense planning and quick execution a series of defensive fortifications were built in time to hold back several attempts by the forces of Turrosh Mak to crush this human enclave in his land.  To date the settlement has never faced a serious military threat, winning a series of skirmishes with the Orcs.  A truth however, well known by these brave fools is that Cridastan has never faced a real army and is in a race to increase its strength before the patience of Turrosh Mak runs out.