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Make Magazine Arduino Sketch sample code files

Electronics:  Circuit Design software  LED resistor calculator  LED resistor calculator  LED information - multimeter tutorial

Supplies:  Lynn Bruning's list of  suppliers Schemers, Sparkle, conductive yarn and lots of lovely blinky things (Lily Pad product line) -- source for conductive threads and yarns, lilypad, etc.  soft switches and other wonderfullness  from Italy  conductive thread   LEDs, including the square 'Piranha' LEDs  LEDs en masse   lots of stuff on this site! Artistic ribbon with LEDs already sewn in along with battery power.  You can choose color.  Solid color not color changing LEDs.

How To & Tutorials: -- really sweet eTextile site - LilyPad Arduino 101 - Learn Electronics Using Arduino  Make's all Arduino all the time site - LED Tutorial Good examples and tutorials

Project Samples: - Blinking Bike Patch

Blogs and Learning Sites: -- weaving oriented eTextile group How to get what you want.

Inspiration - Designers  Textile Enchantress  Syuzis 'social' site  Diana Eng

How to Book Download! -- “Open Softwear” free book download Instructables "Beginning Soft Circuits"