The ultimate goal of this site is to save the taxpayers of Mississippi as much money as possible while providing optimal Internet bandwidth to the students and teachers of Mississippi. 

This site provides Mississippi K12 School Districts with resources to help them with the E-Rate Bid process required to purchase Internet and WAN circuits.  Bidding allows districts to determine the best price that they can possibly get for services.  

NOTE TO THOSE IN STATES OTHER THAN MISSISSIPPI.  This process requires the integration of state procurement laws and E-Rate procurement rules.   The entire process on this site is designed to accomplish the integration with Mississippi procurement laws as I understand them.  


This site has nothing to do with METLA.  It is the personal site of Marvin Adams.  

Any school district or library is free to use any document on this site with the understanding that the advice of business managers and legal council will be used throughout the process.  The documents on this site are documents that I have used to accomplish the task or they are instructions based on my personal experience.  You do not have my permission to use any of these documents without consultation from your legal and business advisors. 

Also, district policies differ from district to district regarding the bid process.  This site describes the general process and does not take into consideration your district policies.  You must consult your legal and business advisors to be sure you follow your own district policies as you proceed.  

If you are a paid consultant, come up with your own documents.  You do not have permission from me to use a single thing on this Web site.  This site is provided to districts and libraries for free because I believe public employees should do everything we can to save every tax dollar entrusted to us and the only way to do this is to have companies compete for our business.  If you are charging the taxpayers for your services, you should give them what they are paying for and not sell back to them what is already free. 

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