Music Lessons

Aren't music lessons covered by the school?

Not exactly. The PTO pays for the music lessons for the lower
grade levels.

The Ocean View School District covers the cost for upper grades.

Who teaches the music class and how often?

Music lessons are once a week and taught by Mrs. Rierson for
grades K-3. Mr. Sullivan teaches grades 4 and 5.

What do students learn in music class?

Circle View’s Kindergarten through 3rd grade students participate in a music
program based on the methods of Orff-Schulwerk.
( Our curriculum incorporates vocal training,
movement, dance, rhythm and poetry, and uses a wide variety of folk and
traditional sources from around the world.   Students are encouraged to
improvise independently and in groups, and are given the opportunity to
perform their creations for one another.  We share the joy of music each
spring by performing a concert for the parents.  It is our goal that all of
our students develop both an appreciation for many kinds of music, and the
confidence to participate in musical experiences throughout their lives.

What's the Spring Sing?

The Kindergarten thru third graders will be putting on a Spring
Sing in April in the MPR. Flyer with specific time(s) and attire
will be sent home prior to the event. Enjoy the show.