Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are the PTO meetings?

PTO meeting are typically once a month at 7:00 pm in the library. Check calendar for dates.

How can I help?

1. Check the list of PTO officers (on the PTO Board & Directors page) for vacancies and volunteer.
2. Participate in the fundraisers and have some fun! (see Fundraisers section for details).


What is the difference between a PTO and PTA?

A Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is independent from the more well known national organization, "Parent Teacher Association" (PTA).  Being  independent allows us to use our money locally instead of paying dues to a
national organization.  If you want to know more, PTO Today has a good article attached below.

Why does the PTO need to raise so much money?

The money raised from fundraisers covers various activities not covered by district funds such as:

  • Music lessons for Kindergarten through 3rd graders
  • Reading incentive program
  • Art Lessons for All grades.
  • Field trips
  • Assemblies
  • Technology

 Is Astro Camp Another PTO Fundraiser?
Since Astro Camp is only available for 5th grade students, it cannot legally be part of PTO.  PTO is for ALL students at Circle View.  Astro Camp does all their fundraising separately.

Where can I see the current bylaws?

The By-Laws are attached Below:

Why can't I "Friend" the school Facebook page?
The school Facebook page is not a personal Facebook account (which has "friends").  The way to connect is to perform a "Like".  This will allow all the latest updates about  Circle View to appear on your timeline.
 Look us up on Facebook at ~  Circle View PTO  ~

Why are there separate fundraisers for Astro Camp ?

Astro Camp is for 5th grade students only.  The by-laws governing PTO's stipulate that they benefit ALL students equally.  This means no grades can be excluded.

What is the difference between the Elf Shop and the Holiday Boutique?

The Elf Shop is an event to benefit all the students at our school.  The items available for purchase are of a lower cost.  The students are guided to establish and use a budget amount and a small list of family/friends to shop for, and they get to wrap the gifts themselves.  Volunteers are invited to help them shop for appropriate gifts and use basic math skills, fine motor skills for wrapping, and writing skills for gift tags.  The students really enjoy this event each year and gain a great feeling of pride and accomplishment.  Fundraising is Not the primary objective of this event.
The Holiday Boutique has traditionally been an Astro Camp fundraiser.  The goods & services sold are directed towards a wider range of shoppers and budgets.  Vendors are invited on campus to set up displays of their products/services and agree to donate a specific portion of their proceeds to Astro Camp fundraising.

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