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Traffic Safety

posted Oct 4, 2012, 7:43 PM by Circle View PTO   [ updated Oct 11, 2012, 8:26 PM ]
Bus Warning:  STOP when RED Lights are Flashing!
HBPD will issue tickets to parents that bypass buses when they have their red lights flashing!  The ticket cost is $480 and a person can get a ticket if he/she bypasses the bus regardless of what side of the street the bus is on. The law is:  Flashing Lights - complete stop- until the bus is done with the flashing lights.

3 Minute Parking Zone – Ticket Alert

Please be aware that the Huntington Beach Police Department is ticketing cars parked in the 3 minute parking zone longer than the posted limit.  This area around the school is an ideal drop off area that can be used in addition to the school drop off lane in the parking lot at the front of the school.  PLEASE be sure to follow all traffic laws while driving in the Circle View community and do not block the driveways of our neighbors.  Also, please do not park in marked stalls, they are for staff only. 

Corner of Standish and Hooker Drive

In addition, please do not drop off your children in the circular area at the corner of Standish and Hooker. This is the area just in front of our upper grade parking lot area.  Dropping off children in this area adds to the traffic congestion in the area.  In addition, it may cause a hazard for the many children who cross the street at this parking lot.  Pulling forward just a few feet to the 3 minute parking zone at the front of the school is a safer option and would help alleviate traffic congestion. 

 Drop Off Lane

Also, PLEASE remember that our bus lane is for busses only.  No one should use the bus lane to pass cars in the drop off lane.  If you use the drop off lane, PLEASE be sure to pull up to the end of the lane so that your child can walk across the sidewalk onto the school grounds. Also, PLEASE be completely ready to drop off your child before you enter the lane.  The safety of our students is very important.  We are relying on the parents in our community to put their safety first.  Thanks for your help!

Please No Paking in reserved spaces for the Out of Africa Parking Space Winners

As a reminder, please do not park in the assigned parking spaces in the parking lot in front of the school.  Those spaces are reserved for school staff and families who won them as part of our Silent Auction.  The winners of the parking spaces are Kim Boren; James & Armina Raymer and Leslie & Marcus Carles.  Out bid them for your space at this year's Pireatology  Auction on November 30!