Circle of ancients: synopsis


‘Circle of Ancients’ is a conceptual and philosophical novel which narrates the discoveries of a young translator learning about the Universe and his place in the scheme of life.

When Greg Maclean steps into the British Museum one day, it heralds unimaginable changes in his life. Templar gold, alchemy, mysterious organisations, ley lines, ancient pyramid power, dakinis, naga cobra spirits. - The supernatural comes knocking on his door, - for his help. A gripping story about the quest for love and enlightenment, Circle of Ancients comes packed with the salt of life and the scent of that which you don't even know you want yet...

                                            Brief synopsis:

A representative from an elite group of spiritual adepts, ‘The Circle of Ancients’, contacts Greg and asks for help in tracking down and dealing with a renegade semi-immortal alchemist (Azac) who has become a threat to world safety. Greg and his good friend, a Chinese Taoist master, agree to help out.

At about the same time Greg falls in love with a beautiful spirit. Unfortunately she can only appear at night when there is no-one other than Greg about. He is determined to somehow get her a permanent body.

With the help of an old Sufi master they follow Azac’s trail to the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. It turns out that a secret chamber in the Minkauras pyramid is situated on a nexus of ley lines which can be used for global travel, and can also serve to transform silver into gold...