People say, “I’ve got a healthy lifestyle”, and then wonder why they have problems.

What nobody realizes is that these are not the good old days, when muffins contained 5 ingredients, and soap was made of two or three. In those days you could wash someone’s mouth out with soap if they said something about your muffins that you didn’t appreciate.

Nowadays money and ‘convenience’ is the name of the game, but neither money nor convenience is very comforting for someone languishing in hospital. These are not the good old days. With all the damage that we are doing to the environment, like stockpiling nuclear waste that needs to be kept at a controlled temperature for 50000 years or else it goes into fusion. Yes, that is a legacy that keeps on giving, or rather, keeps on taking. We puny bipeds have trouble keeping an Olympic flame alight for a jog, and bird-brained scientists go ahead and sign us up for babysitting spent nuclear fuel rods, that need to be kept cool for hundreds of thousands of years.  The amount of power needed to keep them refrigerated for 50000 years, is far greater than the meager amount that we got from it in the first place. It’s the most worthless and expensive energy source there is. People are mugging themselves and the generations to come.

That is the kind of pathetic ineptitude and pathological disregard for the planet that the modern age has adopted and the trusting sheep follow.  Last week it was authoritatively announced that the speed of light was the universal speed limit, this week they brazenly announce that actually there are things that go a bit faster. That kind of change of tack is just par for the course, happens all the time, one can’t even really blame them for it. But one can blame them for not conferring and keeping up with each other and for not respecting other schools of thought, not even other branches of science. The reason being, that anyone, even an amateur who follows physics research more widely, knows that according to quantum entanglement experiments, (particles that have been separated by hundreds and thousands of miles, change rotation patterns simultaneously.) speeds thousands of times faster than the speed of light are possible.

Such discordant and arrogant attitudes are common today and lead to having people in authority who cannot even be relied upon to put the cat out, or take out the trash. Are they really going to worry if there is too much chlorine and BPA in your tap water or if toxic chemicals in your deodorant might give you major health problems in ten years time?

Make no mistake, nowadays people (still mentally living in the good old days) assume that if you use a product or eat something and don’t keel over in 2 hours, it’s perfectly safe. Merchants and shareholders also perpetuate this folly, as they certainly not at all motivated to lose money by recalling suspect items or taking any blame. All the accepted side effects that we now know about, are due to casualties, and due to the efforts of very sincere people who have campaigned with all their might to get something banned because it has injured them or someone close to them. Inevitably they are ridiculed and persecuted by authorities or pharmaceutical companies until the bodies start piling up too fast to ignore or bury in paperwork. Then when vast amounts of profit have been raked in, the companies and legislators concede to create a list of side effects and if there is too much public uproar, take the product off the market. But no-one remembers the victims. And fresh victims and campaigners are still ridiculed and greeted with the same opulent and arrogant ring fence of lawyers. Anyone seen Erin Brockovich? If they can’t be sued, they don’t care.

All of the above is just to bring home the point that it’s a jungle out there. It’s actually even more of a jungle than before. Think your parents were too straight-laced, too square? Well you might want to take a leaf out of their book, because the people in authority now, don’t care about you at all. They only care as much as they are legally obliged to, and will try to get out of that obligation as much as they can. ‘Money talks, poor man walks, and steal his shoes if you can’. That is the corporate mindset, the morality of materiality.

People now need to take care of themselves, be informed, get second opinions, third opinions, eleven opinions and not just from people who are all singing from the same officially authorized and homogenized sheet. It’s not a game anymore.   Merchants will legally sell you low quality stuff at a high quality price. They don’t care if it is possibly harmful or fails in a few months. They just want it to work until past the warranty date and then for it to break so that you have to buy a new one. It’s called ‘planned obsolescence’ and it’s all around you. If you haven’t noticed, it’s because you’ve got your head stuck in the clouds of ‘upgrades’ and ‘improvements’.

Plastic items made in the sixties are often still robust. Modern plastic is useless in five years. Heartless boardrooms and corporation greed are choking the humanity out of people by driving them insane with fake progress leading to despair. Don’t put your health in the hands of businessmen. You will be crying all the way to the hospital, while they are laughing all the way to the bank. Yes they will end up in hospital too eventually, hoisted by their own petards. But that is little solace and of no consequence. 

Pitfalls of this age. (Do not be too discouraged by the following points. There are many easy and low cost ways to avoid the hazards that are mentioned. Also, if you think that you are immune to such things, you probably have a robust constitution, your mother probably ate healthily while you were in gestation and also probably made you eat healthy food when you were growing up. It is widely accepted now -even in stubborn scientific circles, that a good and balanced diet in formative years ensures that organs and immune systems can develop to full potential and can then take a good deal of wear and tear in later life. But nowadays people eat all kinds of processed and pesticide ridden food right from day one, and then wonder why they are less healthy than their parents.)

To be frank, you are in trouble even while lying in bed.

Lying in bed.

1) Your mattress and duvet are impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals which are known to cause health problems.

2) You’ve probably had vaccine jabs. They are given to children at the worst time, just when their bodies are doing a lot of highly strategic and fundamental growth. Jabbing them at this time is not helpful in the long term at all. What most people don’t know is that mother’s milk contains all the antibodies that children need. So there is no excuse for giving new-borns that kind of hurdle so early in life. Especially the kids nowadays whose parents are not exactly prime specimens either. At least people could wait until the kids are a bit older and their organs are more formed. But vaccines and medicines are big big  business, and worried parents are great clients.

3) You may have electric cables running under your bed, a wifi router, or a big old cathode ray tv zapping you. Being exposed to electric fields for extended periods has been linked to Leukemia and other illnesses. Mobile phones are also suspect items and EC watchdogs have advised against letting children use them. This means that they are not particularly good for anyone. Best to keep conversations short, use the speakerphone option and send more text messages.

4) Taken medications for minor complaints? Just read the small print on the packet. The possible side effects of even non prescription meds can be miles worse than the original slight headache or cold that you took them for. Paracetamol for example, if taken regularly in slightly higher dosages than recommended, can really damage your organs. Try a few traditional remedies before reaching for the hard stuff. Remember different herbal remedies work on different people. Any good herbalist or dietitian will tell you that people have widely differing constitutions and will recommend different remedies and different quantities for different types of people (heavyset, thin, lively, sluggish etc) who present the same symptoms. Traditional healing methods are not ’one size fits all’, they needs to be practiced appropriately and with some training. It’s true that modern allopathic medicine often works on most people. But it does so at a cost, like using a jackhammer when a nudge would work just as well. 

5)  Anti-Bacterial coatings, Goretex type chemicals and Teflon coated products in your duvets, socks, and other clothing. Until recently, scientists thought of the skin as a mostly impermeable membrane and thus had no qualms about putting all kinds of chemicals into general use, with just a warning about ‘not to be used internally’. Now they have found out that the skin can absorb all sorts of stuff. Anyone who is curious can do a little test. Just put a clove of garlic into your shoe and walk around for twenty minutes. After that time, anyone who smells your breath will detect a clear smell of garlic. And that is just a simple natural compound. There are literally hundreds of thousands of potent and highly toxic chemicals and pesticides that were deemed safe for external use. Not anymore. And now with the kind of fooling around that is being done with nano-technology, things are going to a whole new level of meddling.

Some unsavoury chemical products that most people use frequently include: dry-cleaning residues, detergent, fabric softener, air freshener, shampoo, soap, deodorant, washing up liquid, perfumes, petroleum based skin creams, the list goes on. As a rule of thumb, read labels. That is what they are there for, to let you know what you are signing up for, even though for most people it is simply mumbo jumbo and they are content to leave it at that, because the idea that household items can make people sick, is not one that comes to people’s minds readily.

Stepping into the kitchen, there is a whole new range of culprits, all loaded with chemicals that are known to be highly hazardous.

Decaff coffee, artificial sweeteners, tap water, sausages, eggs, milk, wine, deep fry cooking oil, cheap table salt. There are nitrites, chlorine and fluoride compounds, carcinogenic compounds, growth hormones, antibiotics, sulphites and hexane / isohexane, amorphous sodium aluminosilicate residues galore in these items of regular use. (There are affordable natural / organic alternatives to all these items) 

Also in the vegetable and fruit range, there are some items which are the most highly sprayed with pesticides, which are known to be toxic to humans. These include: Peaches, Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Grapes, Spinach, Lettuce, Potatoes.

As a rule of thumb, don’t buy things you can’t peel. Eat non sprayed organic produce, at least for the items that are most highly contaminated. Look online for the list of fruits and vegetables which are least contaminated.

Apart from food items, using aluminium utensils, microwaves, plastic containers, teflon frying pans, all have well known, but unpublicized risks.

Stepping outside, the new car smell is actually toxic, nearly 35 times over the health limit of volatile chemicals. Gripping the plastic steering wheel (or certain other types of plastic including many children’s toys, which they tend to chew on) can leach pthalates into your body.

In brief, the above list is simply intended to give readers an idea of what things to start to look out for in your immediate surroundings and your food. Remember that manufacturers are only interested in a long shelf life for their products, not for you.



 Anwar St.Clair 2011