If  you love to dance this is for you!! 

But if you aren't sure of your skill or ability level, Circle Dance is very friendly to beginners. 
All dances are taught and many are very simple.

Circle Dance is growing movement around the world that makes folk dancing accessible and inviting even to the beginning dancer.  Dances range from traditional dances from around the world--Greek, Bulgarian, Armenian, Turkish, Brazilian, Celtic--to dances that have been created to explore musical traditions such as that captured in the beauty of a Hindu chant or the rhythms of African drums. 

Throughout history, not to mention prehistory, people have danced in circles.  It's a natural formation for dance--just think of Greek and Jewish wedding dances, English maypole dances, Native American dances around campfires:  it's everywhere!  That's because a circle brings people together in an expression of unity and community.  by Julia Lynam


In the first picture above, Judie David is leading a dance at the Herdelezi Festival in Sebastopol, CA.  In the second picture, you see circle dancers in Northern Virginia and Judie David is leading a dance in her backyard in Springfield, VA.  Below are some links to other Circle Dance websites which will have articles as well as links to more Circle Dance websites.

  Laura Shannon near Athens, Greece

  Circle Dance Network in the UK with links to just about everyone! 

  Neskaya in Franconia, NH     

  Stefan and Bethan Friedman in Ipswich, England 

 Pablo Scornik in Argentina  

  Bay Area Circle Dancers in Berkeley, CA

  Sacred Circle Dance in Knoxville, TN    

  Emily Jarrett-Hughes in the Twin Cities, MN    

  Tarleton Brooks of Henderson, NC

  Maureen Atkins of San Leandro, CA

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