We congratulate the winning proposal!

The Crowd vs. the Lab
Mark Smucker

An exciting and unique opportunity of this workshop will be significant sponsorship by CrowdFlower, including both financial support and access to technology, personnel, and guidance. Participation in the Crowdsourcing Challenge is optional and distinct from the workshop's Call for Papers.

Seed Funding: The first 20 researchers who commit to submitting a paper (and presenting it at the workshop) will receive $100 in CrowdFlower credit (offer open to those who have not already received such a credit). To receive this credit, create a CrowdFlower account, then email joseph at crowdflower dot com and cc Matt Lease. Your email should request the credit and indicate your commitment to submit and present at the SIGIR workshop. 

Grant Funding: To request a CrowdFlower grant of up to $1000, write a grant proposal (2 pages or less) and email it to the organizers (see Important Dates for the deadline). The amount of funding awarded will be determined on the basis of technical merit, and the authors and titles of funded proposals will be published online.

In addition to funding, grant recipients will also gain access to privileged, internal CrowdFlower features. These features enable better control over work execution (e.g. FIFO scheduling), quality assurance policies (e.g. variable number of judgments) and experiment scheduling (e.g. A/B testing framework). Full details will be provided to grant recipients upon selection.