Training emergency service workers for new public outreach tools.

  • Social media is a free way to reach out to the people you serve.
  • Social media isn't something only kids are doing. It's not just marketing. 
  • Social media is public information so streamlined you don't need a public information officer to run it. 
  • Social media can be a safety outreach program you can run in between calls.

Are you or someone at your fire or EMS agency interested in using social media as part of a public outreach effort or communication plan?  Brought to you by the Child Injury Prevention Alliance (CIPA), the Fire Agency Social Media Project provides you the tools to create or improve your agency's social media plan.

A worldwide organization based in Ohio, CIPA works to reduce injuries to children and adolescents. We’ve been working with fire departments to build social media webpages because we firmly believe they are effective and free ways to promote safety in local communities.  Social media reaches out to your friends, neighbors, and community members while allowing both open interaction and control over your message.