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Information for Paper or Abstract Submission - Guidelines

The deadline for the peer-reviewed paper or abstract submission is April 15th, 2013.

You can either submit Full Papers (6 pages max.) or Abstracts (500 to 1000 words).

Download the ISPRS guidelines (ISPRS format, max 6 printed pages) for the papers

If you submit a Full Paper before April 15th, the paper will be peer-reviewed, and published in the ISPRS ANNALS after acceptation.

If you submit an abstract, your paper (after acceptation of abstract) must be uploaded before July1st and will be published in the ISPRS ARCHIVES.

The papers published in the ISPRS Annals are all peer-reviewed. The papers published in the ISPRS Archives are based on an abstract-only review procedure.

There will be two kinds of proceedings :
- CIPA/ISPRS Annals with the accepted papers following the peer-review procedure
- CIPA/ISPRS Archives with the papers accepted after submission of extended abstracts

Both Annals and Archives will be edited by Copernicus.

At least one author per paper must be registered before July 15th (submissions are limited to one paper per main author).