Dual role of CIPA

CIPA Heritage Documentation is a dynamic international organization that has twin responsibilities: keeping up with technology and ensuring its usefulness for cultural heritage conservation, education and dissemination.  This dual role linking Culture and Science is exhibited in our parent organizations - ICOMOS - International Council of Monuments and Sites and - ISPRS - International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

CIPA's bi-annual symposium provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, best pratices as well as scientific research papers.

Codes for sessions and topics

Special Sessions:

SS1. Energy Efficiency in Heritage and Traditional Buildings (Chair : Peter Cox)

SS2. Risk Preparedness (Chair : Rohit Jigyasu, ICOMOS ICORP)

SS3. Stone Conservation (Chair Stefan Simon, ICOMOS Stone)

SS4. Documentation of World Heritage Sites (jointly organized with the collaboration of the International Association of World Heritage Professionals), Chair Ona Vileikis

SS5. International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage Documentation (Chair : Dieter Fritsch)

SS6. Semantic in Cultural Heritage Documentation (Chair : Livio De Luca)

SS7. 4D historical city models (Chair: Thomas Kersten)

SS8. 3D Digital Libraries (Chairs: Marinos Ioannides and Ewald Quak)

SS9. Joint session with the Charter of London on visualization of Heritage (Chair : Mario Santana)

SS10. Digital Heritage Inventories (Chair David Myers, The Getty Conservation Institute)

SS11. CIPA Sustaining Members (Chairs: Peter Waldhaeusl and Klaus Hanke)

Sessions on Recording Cultural Heritage

SR1. Terrestrial laser scanning and 3D imaging (Chairs: Klaus Hanke, Jose Luis Lerma)

SR2. Aerial laser scanning and 3D imaging (Chair: Michael Doneus)

SR3. Low-cost sensors and open-source algorithms (Chair: Jose Luis Lerma)

SR4. UAV applications (Chair Rand Eppich)

SR5. Mobile Mapping Applications (Chair: Fulvio Rinaudo)

SR6. Recording with 3D cameras (Chair: Fabio Remondino)

SR7. Other appropriate recording application

Sessions on GIS and information management for Cultural Heritage

SG1. Open-source GIS tools and applications

SG2. Scene analysis and 3D reconstruction

SG3. Applications of BIM (Chair: Steve Fai)

SG4. Modelling methods for architecture and archaeology (Chair: Christian Ouimet)

SG5. Animations

SG6. Cloud and Cultural Heritage (Chair: Raphaele Heno)

Sessions on Education, Training and Communication for Cultural Heritage

SE. Education (Chair: Ana Almagro)

ST. Training (Chair: Andreas Georgopoulos)

SC. Communication