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Practical hints

If you fly Lufthansa or a Star Alliance company, you can travel for free with the Lufthansa bus (2 hours) from Frankfurt to Strasbourg (but you have to include this trip in the booking).

There are several flights between Strasbourg and Amsterdam (for KLM connecting flights).

The TGV from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Strasbourg can be booked with your flight if you travel with Air France or a Sky Team affiliated company.

We recommend the train shuttle (7 min.) between the Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport (every 30 min.) and the train Station of Strasbourg.

There is only one train station in Strasbourg (all the trains including the TGVs arrive in this station). 

There is a direct TRAM between the train Station to INSA (Line C located on the left exit of the station, direction Rodolphe Reuss)

INSA is located in front of the Tram "Université".

Information about Public Transportation in Strasbourg:

Pierre Grussenmeyer,
Aug 25, 2013, 2:31 AM