Keynote Speakers

The CIPA symposium 2013 will be a unique opportunity to listen to key figures in the cultural heritage documentation and conservation from around the world.

The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) will be represented by Dr. Stefano De Caro, who is the Director General of this important intergovernmental organization (, Dr De Caro’s presentation will underlined the need for training in the field of conservation and the key role of documentation.

Dr. Fabio Remondino, ISPRS Commission 5 President, will give a keynote about developments and technology advances for 3D recording and modeling Cultural Heritage.

From industry, Ramtin Attar, Principal Research Scientist, CTO- Autodesk Research (Canada) will contribute with an overview of the latest development in information technology that could assist conservation experts in documenting our endangered heritage resources around the world.

Furthermore, the Getty Conservation Institute and World Monuments Fund will present the Arches system, which the partners have developed to provide the international heritage field with an open source, web-based geospatial information system purpose-built to help inventory and manage all types of immovable heritage.