Why Girls Cover Their Mouths While Laughing- Doctor Jagdish Chaturvedi: Stand up comedy India

"The essential is always to excite the spectators. If meaning playing Hamlet on a traveling trapeze or in an aquarium, you do it."- Orson Welles

Humans have always craved entertainment, all kinds of it. The Greeks indulged in stage plays. For them it was a way of catharsis, purgation to release most of the pent up emotions and frustration. Even now, entertainment purifies our mind and soul and relaxes us. Picture this. After having a tiring trip to work, we turn to music, films, TV shows etc. to refresh us and give us the necessary peace of mind. It's how our body works and functions. For quite a while we have to forget everything and lose ourselves into something that's not our own life. It's the high we crave and eventually we're back again to being us. Generally, this high makes sure our sanity is intact and that we are rejuvenated before facing another trying day. Indian comedian

Music Plays or musicals because they are popularly known today have existed since ancient times. It was only in the 19th century that they gained considerable momentum. In more recent times, music plays are becoming a very pivotal part of art. They have the proper number of drama and dialogues and a good playlist to break the monotony and keep consitently the audience totally hooked on every word. The world's most famous theatre destination is Broadway, a street in Manhattan, New York famous for its par excellence music plays. Throughout the year, individuals from all around the world flock to the Broadway Theatre district to view musicals. Probably the most famous Broadway musical ever is the Phantom of the Opera, a disturbing yet appealing love story or lack thereof between a deformed man and an aspiring actress. Then there clearly was the musical rendition of the famous Walt Disney movie, The Lion King that roped in viewers from all around the world.

Another form of entertainment and art is comedy. Prevalent since ancient Greek and Roman times where it was considered very base, this art has evolved into a full-fledged industry with fresh comedians emerging nearly every day. Within the last decade, India saw the emergence of several TV shows promoting comedic talent in remote areas as well and providing them with a platform to showcase their comic timing and sense of humour. This year will dsicover a rise in comedy shows in Ahmedabad. The Comedy Factory claims to bring the very first comedy festival in Gujarat. With uber talented comedians like Kenny Sebastian, Vidya Desai, Preeti Das, Kanan Gill, Smit Pandya etc. they have, time and again, made sure to leave the audience in splits. For a powerful dose of funny, make certain they're on somewhere in the city. Theirs is the best comedy show in Ahmedabad, hands down. Kenny Sebastian

The web is the sweetest invention ever. It has simplified so a lot of things and made convenient all tasks. Remember once you would watch for a really good movie or musical or show; stand in line for tickets for hours, simply to go home disappointed? Well, not anymore. You can purchase online tickets for nearly every possible event, including Ahmedabad's famous The Comedy Factory Festival. Nothing beats online tickets. Online shopping maybe. Only by a small margin, mind you.