Today Bi Men Network Announced New & Improved Coming Out Support for

Bisexual & Gay Adult Men Worldwide!

Bi Men Network the world's largest social, support and networking organization for bisexual men, bi-curious guys and adult gay men today announced new and expanded global Coming Out support for bisexual and gay adult men who are exploring and even expanding their sexuality.

So are you bisexual or bi-curious, or a gay guy coming out who is looking for a safe place to explore who you truly are? If so, we have a new online global community specifically created just for you with you in mind too!

The Beta Mu Society is our new online fraternity website for adult men who are craving something more and better in their lives. We are a safe haven, a home-away-from-home. Our members want a safe place with male bonding and camaraderie, where we respect and honor one another in an atmosphere of genuine, warm brotherly love.

Beta Mu is open 24/7 at our online virtual fraternity house, and our members are from all over the world close to 6,000 now, and we have only been open since November 2015. When men come join us, they have their own online membership room that you can customize with their own banner, profile photo and avatar. Our men can also join our regional and specialty groups where they can meet men in their home area, set up a blog, post photos and videos, and chat with great guys worldwide with our new free live streaming text and video program Chat Live!

Do note: Beta Mu is a private website for adult men, and there is some adult content, but that is not our main focus or why we set up our BETA MU fraternity. Some of our members are like kids in a candy store, and enjoy having the freedom of being able to express who they truly are by posting photos of themselves, and writing blogs of their fantasies and sharing life experiences. For many men at Beta Mu, this is their first and often only place where they can be themselves and let it all hang out, and many do. So why not come join the fun?

Men who decide to join us will have two weeks free with complete and full access as our guests. Men are welcome to test drive our Beta Mu website, make friends and use our sexy text and live video chat. These new members can access all resources both at Bi Men Network and at Beta Mu Society - at both websites.

Please note that at our home website, the Bi Men Network, we have been serving our bi men, bi-curious guys and gay male friends worldwide in our home community for two decades now.

We do hope to see you soon! Don’t be a stranger! We don’t bite well, unless you want us to!

Bi Men Network ( is the world's largest social, support and networking community for bisexual men, bi-curious guys, bi couples, and our gay male and transgendered friends. Serving our community online continuously since 1998, the Bi Men Network now has over 1/4 million adult male members on all six continents and is a premiere global resource for all adult bi and gay men and the world's LGBTQ community as well. BI Men Network recently created a new online global social fraternity - the Beta Mu Society - for bi and gay men!

For more information kindly visit Mac McCloud, Founder and CEO

Bi Men Network

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Palm Springs, CA 92264 - USA

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