Tightening vaginal muscles

It's not uncommon for girls to want to tighten their vaginal muscles. For the most part, though, women become self-conscious about their tightness and are dedicated to pleasing their man. This is important, obviously, but there are more important reasons to tighten your vaginal muscles. vigina tightening home remedies

Most women don't understand that there are numerous muscles which make up their pelvic floor, and each muscle serves a particular function. For instance, there is a muscle that supports your uterus, and if this muscle becomes weak from not working it out, it'll fail, causing your uterus to fall into your vaginal canal. In very serious cases, the uterus is seen from outside of the vaginal. This is called uterine prolapse.

A lot more common is stress urinary incontinence. This occurs once the muscle that supports your urethra becomes too weak to keep it in a upright position. As a result, once you laugh or cough or exercise, the urethra drops and leaks urine. Both of these conditions can be prevented by tightening your vaginal muscles with simple exercises. bladder prolapse treatment alternative

Now as to the nearly all women are really concerned about: tightening their love muscles for better sex! Well, this is really the case. Stronger muscles can make your sex life a lot more exciting. Healthier, stronger vaginal muscles may cause your orgasms to become a lot more powerful. Moreover, you may have more orgasms. This is a results of more blood flowing to your vaginal area as required by your stronger, tighter love muscles. Best of all, though, is that you will become intimately familiar with your love muscles.