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Luxury designer handbags are the very best fashion statement a female can make. Pre owned designer bags give women the chance to make their very own fashion statement. So what do ladies think of when it comes to a used designer bag?

  • First, you take into account the brand. You can't end up buying any used bag from any store. You'll need to see whether it's created by a world class brand like Hermes, Louis Vuitton or Celine. Additionally you need to be sure if the blissful luxury bag at the online retailer is selling authentic bags or fake pieces. And so the brand and the retailer must be your first consideration.


  • Second, if you would like an accumulation used designer handbags at your disposal, and let's face it who wouldn't, you will need to take into account the price and how expensive they are. Preowned luxury bags could be expensive and sometimes it's difficult to afford a bag for every single occasion. So it's important to find a retailer you are able to trust, who offers exceptional quality and value.


  • Third, you can't only have all of your used designer handbags in one single style or design. You'll need variety and you will want different looking bags of several colours and they need to serve you in various occasions. Like, you won't carry a vacation bag when you need to be carrying a clutch bag. At Bagatelle Boutique, we offer you an outstanding range to select from.


  • Fourth, authentic luxury bags should look elegant and timeless. You carry them because you wish to flaunt them as an accessory. You carry them because you realize that through designer bags you are able to show your individual style and personal fashion taste. And so the fourth thing to take into consideration is owning designer bags that are elegant and enticing so everyone notices you.


  • Fifth, convenience. You're a busy lady and don't have time and energy to shop around. Bagatelle Boutique offers a one stop shop for all your needs. Whether you're shopping on the net, on social media or visiting our boutique in the Mercato Mall, you will find we have from Chanel accessories, Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes, Birkin, Chanel bags to preowned shoes and fine jewelry. Why look somewhere else once we have it all?


So these are five points to take into account when shopping for preloved authentic bags. We realize that you adore designer bags and you need them for many occasions, but purchasing one is just a considered purchase and investment. That's why we created Bagatelle Boutique. We recognised that buying quality preowned bags and accessories wasn't easy or cheap. So where do you go? And who do you trust?.......Bagatelle Boutique!

We are the very best place to obtain the finest brands of designer bags: We realize that you adore designer bags from Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga, Bottega, Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and so on. Once you visit our store, you will find the best quality designer bags from all world-class brands.


  • We are the very best place to obtain the used designer bags: We realize you value price so we bring you the absolute most affordable, used designer bags. In this way you can buy up to you need with keeping quality in mind. Second hand bags are cheaper in price, but not in quality. We are completely transparent with you by showing you exactly the condition of the bag before you acquire it so that you can decide then and there whether to get it or choose something else.


  • Best place for variety: We stock an enormous array of handbags, shoes, watches, fine jewelry and designer accessories. You can pick from clutch bags, cross body, shoulder bags, tote, travel bags and additional categories. At Bagatelle Boutique we realize what you're trying to find and we offer it to you.


  • Most desirable bags ever: We've a reputation for trust, quality and service and we sell to customers all around the world. So you can imagine how elegant and desirable collection must be that all of our clients are happy to get from us. Have a look at our collection and you will see they are nothing in short supply of stunning.


  • One store, multiple stories: Every bag tells a story and we realize that you wish to tell your story too. That's why from the comfort of your own home you are able to go to our web store and choose any designer bag, shoes or accessory you like and we will deliver to your door step. So no anxiety, no commute, no standing in the queue and no wasting your precious time. Start telling your fashion story today!

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