Summer Camps for Teens

Learning to be independent is an integral part of growing up. Especially with kids approaching their teenage years, the need to handle situations responsibly and in a well-adjusted way, plays a significant role in their journey towards adulthood. In a bid to prepare students for the next phase of their lives, summer camps act as a bridge between school and college.

Not only is it an exciting way for teens to spend their vacations, but summer camps  also provide a much-needed jumpstart to college life. Through the exploration of new and exciting fields they may want to pursue as college majors, teens stand to benefit by attending summer programs. Be it the friendships they forge, the strong interpersonal skills they develop or even the college credits they earn with their summer courses, camps are likely to help students build a stable foundation for their higher studies.

Identifying the role that summer programs play in shaping young adults, the Canadian International School (CIS), Singapore offers age-appropriate camp activities that are designed to equip teenagers with skills which are not taught in school. This experience tends to put them on the right track, even as far as hobbies and interests are concerned.

Develop important life skills

Knowledge and skills are two different sides of the same coin. While schools do a good job of imparting knowledge by focusing on core curriculum, learning life skills need specific approaches and are best acquired hands-on. By providing a stimulating environment sans the pressures of grades and ranks, camps help teens learn important lessons about independence, responsibility, and decision-making.  Teens grow considerably in an environment away from their parents, wherein they are forced to live on their own and find their own solutions to problems.

For teenagers who are looking to develop skills across a range of disciplines, CIS offers multi-activity camps where students can participate in a variety of exciting arts, sports and science related programs.

Discover their own selves

Camping experiences offer teens a valuable opportunity far removed from the daily treadmill of academics, competitive sports, and hectic schedules. They find time to focus their energies on diverse activities and learn to look beyond their own horizons after spending a few weeks at camp. As a result, they discover what really interests them and develop new hobbies and avenues to pursue in education and subsequently, their career.

Recognizing the need for creating a supportive environment for teens, CIS, true to its reputation as the best international camp in Singapore, offers thoughtfully structured activities that pave the way for students to develop self-awareness and self-management skills in a non-competitive environment.

Better equipped for college life

Marked as a crucial period in one’s life where real transitions happen, youngsters between 12 and 14 years of age are at that phase of life where they need careful shaping of their personality as they step into adulthood. Summer camps offer that preparatory platform where teens get a fantastic chance to pursue new interests and identify what works for them and what doesn’t.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll your kids for one of the summer programs at CIS and let them reap rich dividends of worthwhile life experiences.

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