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Septic tanks or sewage treatment system are required for any household in remote areas where residence isn't connected to the central sewage system or pipelines. Houses not connected to the main sewage system should install self-sufficient septic tank systems that comply with the Groundwater Directive introduced for pan Europe groundwater protection. Poorly built or badly maintained septic tank systems could cause serious environmental damages by polluting water supplies as well as groundwater. Groundwater, once contaminated, becomes difficult and very costly to deal with for making it fit for human consumption. Therefore strict EC and UK laws are enforced for septic tank installation and operation. Failing to comply with these standards may not just cause serious penalties but in addition end in long-term and irreversible contamination of limited water resource.  overflow tank

Household sewage treatment units that do not function properly are a responsibility to your house owner too. Failed systems may end in back flows, slow-moving drains, foul smell surrounding the region, overflowing tank and swampy soak fields. House owners may have a few precautions to keep their septic tank units working and efficient for long periods.

Pump your tank regularly: it is very important to empty and clean the effluent tank regularly at recommended intervals. The full time lag between both pumping is dependent upon the size and usage of the device as well as on the amount of members in the residence. Regular pumping keeps the tank without any the solid build-up and bio mat on the walls of the tank, which not just cut the capability of the tank to hold waste but can also prove corrosive to the tank material.

Watch what goes within the tank: do not flush personal hygiene products, napkins and metal or plastic pieces down the toilet. These materials aren't degraded easily and sit within the tank for long, utilizing the space designed for incoming effluent. In addition, washing down excessive number of chemicals in the shape of household cleaners into system may kill favourable bacteria within the tank. Aerobic bacteria helps in wearing down of the effluent into cleaner liquid that seeps in the soak field. Aerobic action decreases the quantity of residual solids.  BBTanks Services

Install septic tank conversion unit: conversion units consists of aerator pumps, air diffuser and sometimes outlet waste filters.

Keeping the septic tank aerated, eliminates and prevents rotten egg smell, which will be due toxic gas generation including hydrogen sulphide. In addition, presence of air within the tank boosts aerobic action. Aerobic bacteria is at the least 20 times better compared to aerobic bacteria