One Hurdle Down - Recovering from the PSLE Fever and Settling into Secondary

PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) can be quite a rigorous exercise and an all-important foundation for a secondary school in Singapore. It is no surprise that a lot of preparation and hard work goes into making sure that students get a score that allows them into a school of their choice. That said, PSLE is only the first hurdle. Post the secondary school allotment, comes the process of settling into a new school. For many, it may be an exciting phase of new teachers, new classmates and new opportunities, but for some, getting into the groove of a different environment and a more complex phase of learning could be a tough task. Parents and teachers can help make this phase easier for the child and for themselves. international schools in singapore


First things first, a child who has cleared the PSLE deserves to be promoted to the secondary school. Therefore parents and students must not let anxiety creep in just for the fact that it is the secondary school phase. Sure, the curriculum at the secondary level is more complex and delves deeper into concepts and subjects, they are suitable for the children and majority of the students complete it successfully.


Preparing the child can help him/ her settle in the new secondary school. What to expect in terms of curriculum, how is it going to be different from the primary school, how can the teachers be different as well as the class and classmates, can all help the child accept the changes much better.


Paying attention to the child’s development at school is crucial to understand if the child needs any additional help or intervention. Is the child genuinely interested in academics? Are there any favourite subjects? Is he/she self-motivated? If the situation demands, then what kind of intervention is required? Is it intense or just a slight nudge that gives some sense of direction and perspective to the child? Parents and teachers need to ask these important questions.


Some of the best schools in Singapore are known for their innovative teaching techniques and great teachers that help students settle at secondary schooling with ease. Respecting a child’s abilities and providing the right guidance through the initial phases can have deliver very positive results. The Canadian International School, Singapore (CIS) is one such school best known for offering the IB programme throughout, along with innovative teaching techniques. The transitionary phase for a student at the secondary school level can best benefit from such enablers.


Starting with secondary school can be a huge milestone. The learning and social environment is a big change from the primary years as school education tends to be more formal and intense. It is important that the child is mentally and emotionally ready for this phase. Mentoring during this age plays a big role in the child’s emotional and social well-being. A teacher mostly fits the role. A well-guided student is better equipped to handle the social and academic pressures of secondary school years.


Success and failures need to be acknowledged, celebrated and learnt from in equal measures. There is great learning from failing as well. However, if parents and teachers are not supportive enough, a student can crack under pressure. By creating a conducive environment at home that allows a student to make mistakes, learn from it and make improvements can help a child not only through the secondary school years but all through life. international school at singapore


Starting with secondary school and what all comes with it can be a huge turning point. It can bring in a lot of turmoil to vulnerable candidates. However, with the guidance of supportive caregivers and teachers, a student can settle easily and thrive making the best of his/her secondary school years.