Modern Place

If you've ever thought about investing in a kitchen or restaurant centerpiece, the Modern. Place Wave Light will be the best $200 you might spend. Its low profile yet impressive design makes any room be noticeable and shine. Here we go over some key features of our Modern Wave LED Pendant. Modern Place

As stated above, the light only runs 40 watts but puts out a massive 110 Lumens per watt with the Epistar LED's inside. This puts the light at a complete of 4400 Lumens which is plenty to light kitchens and living rooms, and perhaps barns in Texas. We actually installed this light for photographs in our warehouse and since switched to our own lighting since it works so well! We rather run 2 x 40 watt lights than 2 x 120 watt bulbs, and our lights look so far better (100% Bias).

Now one downfall is that individuals CURRENTLY don't offer dimmable LED drivers, they add to the cost and just a small percentage of men and women want them – sorry. The drivers inside of our lights are Meanwell APC drivers, regarded as being top performers for standard LED fixtures. The Epistar + Meanwell combo is goes very well together and both of them include 5 year warranties (on our end) – and we give the full fixture warranty of 3 years for you, no questions asked. Modern Lighting

The design seems to be what catches most people's eyes. We currently carry both a 47 Inch and 39 Inch of the light, we personally choose the 47 Inch because it looks similar to a wave than a single S shape light. The most effective “sister product” to the light may be the 47 inch Bar version (SKU: MP-002) which looks virtually identical but a direct design.