Lucky Clover Slot Game

Though they are both considered good luck symbols, but they are not the same thing. The four leaf clover, commonly mistaken to function as the shamrock, is a much rarer occurring in nature. It's been estimated there are approximately 10,000 shamrock for every single four-leaf clover. The rare lucky four-leaf clover is viewed as particularly powerful and magical. Based on the legends of western culture, all the four leafs represent one theme. The very first leaf is for hope, the second reason is for faith, the 3rd is for love, and the fourth is for luck. Lucky Clover Slot Game

The four leaf clover is now one of the most popular lucky symbols all over the world and across many completely different cultures. In Ireland, the clover has long been considered lucky. The Shamrock is especially an Irish Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity - The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. In addition they believe that after St. Patrick was wanting to teach the Irish people and others about Christianity, he used the three leaf to help then understand the idea of the Holy Trinity. If a four leaf clover is available, then a fourth leaf is considered to bring God's Grace.

Stories about clover have already been told since biblical times. Legend has it that after Adam and Eve were cast out from the Garden of Eden, Eve carried with her a four-leaf clover. She held it as a remembrance of the days she and Adam had spent together in Paradise. That is where some think the clover got its magical lucky factor. It is also thought that the one who finds this good luck charm will meet their future lover on that same day. If the lucky clover is given to another person soon after finding it, the finder luck will double. Teenagers who do not wish to be drafted should carry this good luck charm with them to avoid conscription.This good luck charm have already been used throughout the centuries and across the entire world to bring people wealth, love and happiness. Lucky Clover

The lucky clover is on the list of commonest of North American lucky emblems. In modern times we use good luck charms to attract more money to us, fall in love, and to safeguard ourselves from danger. The leaves features a different meaning and they are fame, wealth, a faithful lover and good health. In the recent popular TV show "Sex in the City", when Sarah Jessica Parker said "Best Friends are like a four leaf clover, difficult to get and lucky to have."