iPhone 6s Screen Replacement Guide

 There are times when you curse the gravity. Especially when it attracts your brand new iPhone. It all begins with a slip of the hand, followed by a mini heart attack, then a simple question “is my iPhone all right??” All hopes are gone once you pick up your phone and find nothing else but  spider cracks on your iPhone’s screen. Even worse, you may find your screen is not working at all. It is like someone has thrown acid on your face, making you reluctant to show it to others. But wait! Just like skin surgery, there is screen surgery as well. Yes, I am talking about replacing your iPhone’s screen.


There are a number of options available to you through which you can replace the screen of iPhone 6s. Not all are same, though. They vary in cost, time and feasibility. All depending on the reasons for screen replacement. Choosing the right method for your iPhone 6s screen replacement is what we are looking for. To help you do so, we have prepared this guide. Go through it, you will be able to get the most out of your iphone 6s screen replacement.


Get it done by Apple


The most reliable and highly recommended source of screen replacement for your iPhone 6s. It comes at a cost, though. But it packs the benefits which are hard to compromise. Nevertheless, sending your iPhone 6s to Apple for repair is not always the best option. However, in most of the cases, it is the best option available. Let me describe for you when and how to reach Apple for your screen replacement and how much its going to cost you.


Under Warranty


Apple provides the warranty with the purchase of iPhone 6s. But it only covers the manufacturing faults of the device, not any accidental fault. So, the screen replacement is not included in it. However, if the crack is minor, by minor I mean a hairline passing through the glass, it will come under the warranty. It is considered as a defective glass if no impact is found on the body of your iPhone 6s. Moreover, you will not be charged for the replacement, as it is covered by the warranty. Thus, if you got a line on your screen and warranty period is yet to be expired, then there is no option better than the Apple.


Under AppleCare+


Apple has recently launched AppleCare+ to cover the accidental damages to your Apple Products. You can subscribe to it when you purchase an iPhone 6s. It costs $99 for the period of two years. Note that it only covers two incidents of accidental damage with a varying service fee which depends on the nature of the damage. Screen replacement, no doubt, comes under this coverage. If you are one of those who were smart enough to buy the AppleCare+, you will get your screen replaced by Apple with less cost. For the screen replacement, it will cost you $99. Same will be charged if you have the Plus version of iPhone 6s. $99 is pretty decent amount to spend on this replacement, especially when your warranty is kept intact.


Without Any Coverage


If you are out of any protection coverage, Apple is still there to help you out. You can take your iPhone 6s to the nearest Apple Store or mail it to one for the screen replacement. They will replace the screen during your visit or send it to Apple repair center if special treatment is required which takes three to five days. Till then, they will provide you a loaner iPhone which you can use until you get your iPhone 6s screen replaced. This will cost $129 or $149 if you have iPhone 6s Plus. A bit expensive comparatively, but more reliable.


Try Third Party Apple Technicians


If you have no obvious reason to call Apple for the screen replacement of your iPhone 6s, you will never run short of third party technicians who will do same for you. Note that it will void your warranty, so, this option should only be considered when you are out of warranty or want to get it repaired urgently. If Apple center is too far from your home and this is the only reason you are choosing a nearby third party technician then I will highly recommend you to travel some distance. There are a number of reasons behind this recommendation. Some of which are


  • No credibility of third party technicians
  • Warranty is not provided by them
  • Are generally expensive in the long run, as you need to visit more often because their repairing doesn’t last longer in most cases.
  • In some cases, they worsen the fault
  • Will not pay the damages if occurred to your iPhone when in their coverage


Before you think to leave this option out, I remind you that getting your iPhone 6s screen replaced by Apple is what we recommend. That doesn’t at all means that you shouldn’t get your iPhone 6s to any third party technicians. You will find a number of them who will provide you quality service and some will even provide you the warranty of the part they replaced. As they will be voiding your warranty provided by Apple, you should make sure that they should provide you some assurance for their parts. It is worst of all to get a screen without cracks but with defects. So, in the case of iPhone 6s screen replacement, Good company will provide you some sort of warranty to make you sure about their work.


Of course, a question will be popping in your mind. Which are the good third party companies which will replace the cracked screen of your iPhone 6s? That is definitely your job. I don’t know each and every local third party company which repairs iPhone. To make it easy for you, you can determine a good third party company by simply evaluating these questions.


  • What will be the cost of replacement?
  • How much time will they take to replace?
  • What type of warranty will they offer?


Give weight to these questions according to your concern and chose the one which provides you most of what you want. Give preference to the third question as well.


Do it yourself


Many of you will be perceiving it as a highly technical job. Some will even think of calling their technician. But believe me, there is no rocket science involved in it. Just a few precautions and careful performance will make you a pro. Glass replacement kits are available all over the internet. These kits include everything you need to replace your cracked screen of iPhone 6s, from new glass to prying tools. Their price varies from $10 to $25 on the internet. Does the price sound too good? Note that this kit only replaces the glass, not the entire LCD unit. The LCD unit will cost you from $100 to $150. Does it still sound too good? I am sure this isn’t this time.


Changing a glass is totally different from changing the entire LCD panel. It is much more difficult to replace the glass than to replace the complete penal. Because changing the glass requires you to separate the cracked glass from the screen and then glue the new one over it which is quite a hefty job. While replacing the entire penal only requires you to detach the broken screen from the earpiece, home button, and digitizer and replace it with a new one. You will find a number of videos available on Youtube which will demonstrate for you on how to replace the broken glass or screen of iPhone 6s.


No doubt, there are a number of drawbacks with this method. Apart from voiding the warranty, there are chances that something will go wrong. If this happens, there is no one but yourself to blame. Replacing a glass on the iPhone 6s screen is too difficult. After all, it is a 15-minute process which costs not more than $25 in the case of glass replacement, or a 5-minute process of $150 cost in case of complete LCD penal. Although, it is cheap and quick but is the least recommended option of all. It is better to spend more than to risk an iPhone 6s.


Live with it


If you are extremely out of cash or have no time to get your iPhone 6s screen replaced, the only option is to live with the cracks. They look ugly but will provide you full utility. If cracks are on the corner, you can easily avoid them. But, they are hard to avoid when they run through your screen. You can use screen protectors which to some extent hide the cracks. You can replace your screen later on when you get enough money or time. But, if your screen is damaged and not working at all, the only thing you will be able to do is to attend the call, that too without knowing who is calling you. So, in the case of screen damage, this solution is of no use.

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