You can find few things women want more when they're hoping to become pregnant than results as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. It takes a couple weeks after conception for a woman's body to start producing the pregnancy hormone, called hcg, in levels high enough to detect on a home pregnancy test. While most pregnancy tests don't work accurately until the first day of your missed period, the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is designed to tell women whether or not they're expecting an infant as early as four days before their missed period. To add to that, the new Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test also includes a week's estimator to inform you how far along you really are.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

What is one of many unique factors about the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is the fact it's great accuracy beginning from the day of your missed period. This test is 99 percent accurate beginning the day you expect your period to reach - but hope it doesn't. The accuracy levels are lower in the days leading up to this day, however, it's no indication that the test isn't working properly. Accuracy rates are lower because your system has lower levels of hcg at this point.

The test is designed to detect the level of hcg in your urine. Depending how much your system produces and how quickly it doubles and triples, your system may or may not react to the test accurately at first. This test is designed to detect lower levels of hcg, however they still need to hover round the 20 mIU mark before your pregnancy test will be considered accurate.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Because of this, the test is approximately 65 percent accurate four days when you miss your period. The accuracy is 90 percent at three days, 97 percent at two days and 98 percent 1 day when you miss your period. As discussed earlier, this isn't a bad set of odds. In the event that you test early and don't be given a positive result, it doesn't mean you aren't pregnant. It might simply mean you tested too soon for the test to detect any hcg in your urine. All you've got to accomplish now is wait two days to try again. Two days is recommended because this is how long it typically takes a woman's hcg levels to increase and/or double, making it better to detect by having an at-home pregnancy test.

The 2nd most unique factor about this specific pregnancy test is the fact it's exceptionally accurate at determining how far along you are in your pregnancy. Doctors begin to count the weeks of your pregnancy beginning with day one of week one on the very first day of your last period. However, some women aren't able to calculate their deadline and how far along they're in their pregnancies based on this method. Because of this, the Clearblue Advanced test informs you how far along you are by indicating it in weeks on the outcomes window. It will show you if you're 1 to 2 weeks, 2 to 3 weeks or 3+. It will help you determine how far along you are whenever you call your doctor to schedule your first prenatal appointment upon seeing an optimistic result.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test Review

Women love this test. They love that it's sensitive enough to detect low levels of hcg, therefore telling them sooner than usual they are expecting. In addition they love how accurate the outcomes of the test are, even four days early. What really draws women into this test, however, is the ability of the test to inform them the way in which far along they're in their pregnancies. The majority of women hesitate to calculate their particular deadline or estimated weeks of pregnancy since they aren't sure they'll do it accurately. This test helps them to ascertain accurately how far along they really are.

Additionally, women that way this is a digital pregnancy test. It's easy to use and the results are simple to read. In place of searching for faint second lines and wondering if what they see is there or if it is a figment of the imagination, women have the ability to tell easily whether or not they're pregnant when the digital words appear. Women see the phrase pregnant if they're expecting and not pregnant if they're not expecting. Combined, these factors make that one of the very well-reviewed at-home pregnancy tests in the marketplace for girls who would like not only to become pregnant but to learn as soon as possible.