Happy Mushroom Slots

Well - I don't learn about you but only at the "Mays mansion” you simply don't serve steaks without sautéed mushrooms. It's sort of a law... they're a "must go-together" like mashed potatoes & gravy, corned beef & cabbage or cake & ice cream. We eat steaks more frequently in the summer because the barbecue can be obtained, and sometimes we spend big bucks on high-end cuts and sometimes we obtain the cheap ones. But irrespective of what type of steaks or how or once you cook them - they're ALWAYS so definitely better with sautéed mushrooms. Happy Mushroom Slots

Before I ran across this delicious mushroom tip, I'd clean & slice the mushrooms and then sauté them in a little coconut oil and butter. These were delicious and I didn't think it would be possible to boost the flavor. Then I read a suggestion out of an old gourmet cookbook that changed my life (well... when it comes to mushrooms, anyway.

That which you do is preparing the mushrooms exactly the same way, but adds a splash of good-quality vermouth while they're sautéing. The difference in flavor will blow you away. When I say a "splash" of vermouth - After all about one-half cup for approximately a pound of mushrooms.

So - first, sauté the mushrooms for 3-4 minutes with only the butter and olive oil. Adding the vermouth and continue sautéing until they're soft - about 8-10 more minutes. Then lift out with a slotted spoon and serve on top of your steak. Lord have mercy, that is just plain FABULOUS! And it's this easy thing to do! Just add that magical vermouth over the last 2/3rds of the sauté process. Boy, oh boy. The difference!

Several strategies for you...  Although vermouth is a wine, it's categorized as liquor because of its alcohol content. Therefore you have to buy it where liquor is sold. (In Idaho liquor is not sold in food markets so I have to create a special trip to the liquor store. But it's well worth it!). I've tried the two top brands of vermouth - "Martini" and "Noilly Pratt ".Both are delicious but my personal preference is Noilly Pratt. And by the way, we're speaking about extra-dry white vermouth here (it also comes in red but that's another article). Extra-dry is the most common; it's what's used to make gin & vodka martinis, manhattans, etc.

Here is a neat solution to quickly wash mushrooms with absolutely NO MESS and you do not have to make use of a brush. Put the entire mushrooms in a plastic shopping bag; add cold water to cover, and then sprinkle in in regards to a tablespoon of salt. Then just squish the bag around for approximately a moment, and the salt acts as tiny scrub brushes. (Sort of fun, too!). Then pour it all right into a colander and rinse thoroughly to remove most of the salt. VOILA! Clean as a whistle! Pat dry with a document towel and they're ready to slice. Happy Mushroom Slot

You are going to LOVE this vermouth tip. Give it a take to! Now that I understand this I never cook mushrooms (for any recipe) without adding vermouth. Come visit my website for more great cooking tips. Happy Cooking!