Fluffy Favourites

As being a dog trainer I are unable to overstate the value of having a wide variety of dog toys. Dogs are an intelligent animal and need to keep their brains stimulated otherwise they can become bored and destructive, and this is one of the key reasons people give for giving up their dogs to the pound system. It is our responsibility to be sure our pets are adequately worked out and entertained.
From challenging toys, Kong toys, doggie teething toys, fluffy squeaky toys, to chew playthings, your dog needs a frequent source of entertainment. Affordable dog toys, while luring, will not last the distance and can sometimes prove to be quite dangerous as they are made of lesser quality materials and can be easily swallowed.
All pups are different and what one dog finds fun and interesting may weary the socks off another. Puppies like something smooth and fluffy to hug up to as this reminds them of their litter mates. As they get slightly older and start teething, they desire a good range of chew on toys and teething toys and games to stop the irritability caused by losing their baby teeth and growing their new teeth.
Puppies also feel the world with their mouths, so if they are mouthing you or chewing the wrong thing, don't just tell them never to, give them what they are allowed to get. The moment they are somewhat elderly you can learn to work out which toys they like and which they don't.
Please don't make the error of buying your dog a ball and deciding they dislike toys if they avoid play with it. My own dog won't play with a ball to save her life, but pulling on a fluffy squeaky toy is her most liked thing to do. Kong toys, that may be filled with treats and even freezing, are great toys to provide your pet when you are going to leave them alone for a while as it maintains them occupied.
Get your dog a variety of toys and rotate them once a week or so. Think about how you would feel if you had to watch the same DVD MOVIE or read the same book repeatedly. BORED TO TEARS. A bored dog is a destructive dog. You can't blame them for finding something to learn with if you avoid supply these it.
Since Dogs and the Metropolis is owned by an accredited dog trainer, it takes great care in selecting which dog playthings it provides. Why not have a look at what we offer?

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