JPLovesit is one of Boston’s rising star. She’s the women with carved music in her soul, JPLovesit which in real has a beautiful name ‘Joane Printemps’. The women of taste, the women of glory. After interviewing JPLovesit I came up with the reality of being a singer which in real is not that much easy as it is in our imagination.
Moreover when she started her career, she faced many problems like other people do because no one’s perfect from the beginning. You take some time and make the righteous thing to happen to you.
“Music may not be man’s best friend but God says, Love your enemy.”
‘Emergency Only’ is a track that shows you the other side of love. I mean if you really find a person that you can truly care about. As for my genre that’s why it says “It’s just crazy how we argue but I’m still here and you’re my baby”. I would call it "World Music" because I have a little bit of A.D.D when it comes to music.”
Joane is the most unique person I’ve ever met in my life who believes that life cannot move without meeting ups and down in life. Once you tackle them, you’ve crossed half of the difficulties from your life.
And with the line she ended,
“Life is not about getting out of the rain, it's about learning how to dance in it.”
It was a wonderful experience with JPLoveist, I would care to see you soon with new aspiration.
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Boston Massachusetts.
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