Don't let summer vacations stop the learning process

It is the period of the entire year when children are waiting to bid farewell to school for a while and head off with their grandparents'or laze around at home doing absolutely nothing. Although it looks like a good idea to escape from the humdrum of academics, there is always an anxiety about digressing a lot of and losing touch with the academic world. Numerous studies prove that children tend to reduce an important amount of these math and reading skills over a summer vacation. Come july 1st slump or regression in skills is usually referred to as ‘summer learning loss'in the academic circles. While parents are relieved at the prospect of taking a break from the everyday grind of school and homework with their kids, they are increasingly concerned with the increased loss of learning during these long summers. They're always searching for ways to help keep their children engaged in activities that enrich learning without it taking a toll on their kids'mental makeup.

What does CIS have on its platter?

To be able to stay on track academically, the Canadian International School (CIS) in Singapore, one of the finest international schools in the region, has tailor-made camp programs that make an effort to enhance the learning process during vacations. With activities ranging from athletics and wellness to art and creative pursuits, CIS'summer program suits children of different age groups and interests.

How can parents help?

Together of the finest kindergarten schools in Singapore, CIS believes that a summer break from school doesn't have to be a break from learning. It seeks to encourage parents of young kids to sign their kids up for suitable summer programs, which let them have an opportunity to immerse themselves in interesting, mentally stimulating activities. Additionally, mingling of young minds often helps them cherish collaborative experiences.

Apart from this, parents may also take small steps that result in overall development of these children. A trip to a public library that offers summer reading programs might be a great starting point. This not just helps them cultivate regular reading habits but also improves fluency, helps them develop vocabulary, and eventually master the English language.

Children and teenagers have lots of questions. Parents could leverage this to launch their kids into the entire world of science by encouraging them to create and test predictions, as opposed to giving out the answer directly. In this manner, they are immersed in the act of self-learning, discovery and innovation.

When English and Science are discussed, can Math be far behind? How can parents incorporate math learning in the realm of everyday life? The idea is for parents to create it explicit and do it out loud. With everyday examples like measurements in the kitchen, fractions in cooking, money math, supermarket calculations, and distance, rate and time problems, parents can instill in their children, an aptitude for numbers.

An everyday summer routine can help children maintain their academic growth from the prior school year and develop new skills. With educational experiences and hands-on engaging activities, summer camps are a great way to make certain continuation of learning in summer time months.

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