laneWhy will pre-owned luxury bags be the next big thing in the fashion world?

When something is an asset, it means it will increase in value. So while purchasing a luxury bag, the most pressing question you need to ask yourself is - “Would this bag increase in value for years to come?”

When it comes to luxury bags, not all of them will have equal value in the years to come and you will need the right advice when making a purchase that will be good in the future. And this is why you have Bagatelle to help you this decision!

At Bagatelle Boutique we bring you a range of pre-owned luxury bags that only increase as the years go by. Let’s look at few examples of pre-owned luxury bags which will only become greater in value as they age.

Must have pre-owned luxury bags that will appreciate in value:

Hermes Birkin Bags

We are proud to present to you Hermes Birkin bags which are considered the most valuable bags to own these days. According to a study, it’s said that Hermes Birkin bags will double in value in the next ten years. So think about it, if you have a pre-owned Hermes Birkin bag today and you keep it for ten years, its value will double and you will have enjoyed this beauty and the social status it brings with carrying it!

So what makes Hermes Birkin Bags so hugely popular with the rich and famous? Here are the top reasons:

     Limited quantities: In terms of economics, the value of an item lies in its availability. Hermes Birkin bags are the scarcest bags you will ever try to find. There is no waiting list. You will never find them piling up in a store. It’s almost impossible to know when the stock arrives in store. You will only get it if you are either a famous person, have a great relationship with the salesperson at Hermes boutique or a VIP shopper.

     Celebrity tag: Hermes Birkin bags are being used by celebrities across the world. For example, Victoria Beckham carrying a Birkin is one of the most famous and beautiful image (apart from David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper of course!) From Kate Moss to the Kardashian family, everyone loves Hermes Birkin bags to an extent that they only use them and nothing else.

     They are luxurious: Victoria Beckham isn’t wrong for her love of Birkin bags. We can even add that she is very apt in her remark about Birkin bags. If you are yet to see and hold a Birkin bag from Hermes, you are yet to experience something magical and astounding.

     They are very expensive: Prices increase the more the demand is. Did we mention that it doubles in value every ten years?

     Style, leather & hardware: These three things are the distinctive features of Hermes Birkin bags. If you have one you’ll know why.


So why wait? This is already a big thing in the fashion world. Search through our collection of pre-owned Hermes Birkin bags and choose yours right away. The clock is ticking! used designer handbags

Hermes Kelly

Have you heard that people stand in queue to buy one of Hermes luxury bags? If not, here’s why. On the second position, we have Hermes Kelly which also appreciates in value as it ages. If you haven’t yet got hold of the Hermes Kelly, here’s why you should -

     Inspired by Grace Kelly: This bag is inspired by popular American actress Grace Kelly who became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainer III.

     Again, celebrity tags: Hermes Kelly is also wildly popular across the world. Here’s a list of celebrities who use and adore Hermes Kelly - Miranda Kerr, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosamund Pike, Emma Watson, Beyonce, Karlie Kloss etc.

     Incredible design: Hermes Kelly is beautifully crafted. Its color, finishing, texture and durability are unparalleled, and that’s what makes you a proud owner. The addition of the strap makes it different than the Birkin so you can wear it on your shoulder.

     Expensive: Hermes Kelly is also an expensive bag. As years go by, its value increases rapidly. So if you wait for long, you may not be able to afford to get one.


Hermes Kelly is also a limited edition bag.


The Chanel Classic Flap

This is the only bag that is considered competitive with Hermes pre-owned luxury bags. Here’s why -

     Old is gold: According to a recent report, it was found that 10 years ago, The Chanel Classic Flap was sold at almost 206% less than today’s prices. Think about it. If you wait another 10 years, will you be able to own this bag?

     Excellent resale value: One of the best pre-owned bags which has excellent resale value is this bag. From the above statistics, you maybe convinced that if you decide to sell out your pre-owned bags 10 years later, you will not only get the purchase price; rather you will make huge profits.

     Again, celebrity tag: It is the most favorite bag of celebrities like Alexa Chung, Demi Lovato, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley etc.

     Less expensive than Hermes bags: It’s a great luxury bag, but it costs less than Hermes branded bags and you can find it easier than Hermes bags. That doesn’t give you room to wait and watch. Because if you do that the price will reach its peak and you won’t be able to buy this bag anymore. Grab this bag now before it’s too expensive. used designer bags

So what now?

Don’t delay, browse Bagatelle Boutique right away! They are pre-owned, they are luxurious and authentic and they always increase in value! In addition, these gorgeous bags are timeless in design so they are always in fashion!