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Adipex could be the trade name utilized by Teva Pharmaceuticals for a 37.5mg Phentermine pill that is available in two forms. The first form is really a capsule and the second form is really a pill that is white white blue specks. Phentermine is really a medication that is prescribed to patients who have a body mass index of above 30 (for healthy patients) and 27 (for patients with a medical condition such as diabetes and high cholesterol). In these patients, Adipex can be prescribed for no longer than 12 weeks, since it isn't approved for long term use. As a matter of fact, patients who take Adipex for more than 12 weeks will quickly create a tolerance to it and it will lose nearly all of its effectiveness. buy phentermine now

Adipex is approved for use as part of a diet and exercise program. Patients who don't change their habits and expect that Adipex alone with solve their problem is likely to be disappointed. Whatever weight they lose because of reduced hunger from Adipex is likely to be quickly regained when they stop taking it if they have not adopted a diet and exercise program. This is the most important fact to identify about Adipex – it temporarily suppresses your appetite but it does not itself cause one to burn fat, and reaches best a temporary stopgap measure as you change your habits, and is in no way a longterm treatment for difficulties with obesity.

The reason is because of how it works. Adipex functions causing neurons to maintain high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine, which in turn subsequently enables you to less hungry. In addition, it triggers a “fight or flight” response that reduces appetite as well, thus mimicking the body's natural response to stress. Essentially, Adipex stresses you out so that you are not as hungry, that will be the body's natural response when it encounters situations which can be uncomfortable or dangerous. Additionally there are other effects that Adipex has on the nervous system that aren't nearly as well understood. It could also trigger the release of other neurotransmitters such as leptin which will make you feel less hungry. Essentially, by taking Adipex you feel less hungry and therefore slim down as part of a preexisting diet and exercise program. It is not suitable for patients that are not ready to take the required steps to lose excess weight without Adipex. cheap phentermine online

Adipex also has numerous cautions and side effects. It may cause serious dry mouth, wh ich is a common side aftereffect of many prescription medications that is more severe with Adipex. In addition, it causes other common side effects that will include diarrhea, stress/irritability, constipation, insomnia, and nausea. Additionally there are other more severe side effects that include hallucinations, seizure, and cardiac problems. Additionally there are cautions, including categories of individuals who shouldn't take Adipex or any other drug which contains Phentermine. Along with individuals who are allergic, it should not be utilized by individuals who have problems with glaucoma, have high blood pressure, have mental health issues such as depression or bipolar disorder, or that are taking drugs that'll cause unhealthy interactions. All of these side effects and cautions is likely to be weighted by your doctor when they make your choice on whether or not to prescribe Adipex to a patient.