A faith for the heart

We celebrate a faith that engages the heart. God calls us not only to think, but to love. God engages our emotions, our spirit, our joy and pain and brings us healing, hope, and power through our heart--and asks us to do the same in the world around us.

Faith is about relationship: a trusting dependence on our Creator that we build through prayer, worship, and community. For Christians, that relationship with the creator happens through Jesus Christ. We follow him by obeying his teaching and example as we find it in scripture. By doing so, we come to know him and love him and to surrender our lives to him. 

God is alive and at work in the world, both far away and near to us. In fact, God is alive and at work in you. Our church celebrates together, learns together, prays together, and serves together so that we may discover how God works in us and invites us into deeper relationship with himself through Jesus.

God is at work bringing a hurting and broken world back into relationship with himself. He is also at work in you, and in each of us, to bring us back into relationship with him, a relationship that can save us from our destructive habits and begin to continue the work that Jesus began. He has a plan to use each one of us, and to use YOU, in bringing his healing love to the world.

We can only open ourselves to God's work if we allow him to engage our heart. Church is a place where we learn to do that.