March 12-16

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Can't believe it, a full week.  All five days.  Vietnam here we come.

March 12
Assignment: Write a letter home from Vietnam
Music from 60's
Early Beatles in Cavern 
Beatles on the Roof

Due by Friday March 12
Find the Videos on YouTube: See attached list: up on Monday
 Tuesday Dear America:  Letters Home from Vietnam Make arrangements to see video

YouTube has the program broken into 8 parts.
Check Netflix
 WednesdayDear America: Letters Home from Vietnam

Write a reaction.
Make arrangement to see video
PowerPoint Notes:  Sect. 3  End of Johnson
  (Vietnam War Chapter 24 Section 3)

 See Attachment below:   Slides #1-30

Remember on red words.
 Friday Presentations

Vietnam Questions

 You should have the 4 page question sheet.  Must pick up a copy of questions from me.

Do page 2 and 3. 

Music Videos:  Temptations:                  Early Beatles:                     Beatles on the Roof:
          The Doors:   

Looking to do the test on Thursday March 23.

Bonus questions:  Who do you think Mr. Cinquini would have voted for in the 1968 presidential race?
Tell him your answer.  First 3 people in each class get some bonus points.
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