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Special cases

Poppy's story

When Poppy was speyed recently, on arrival at CPR, a small mammary lump was detected, removed, and sent off for analysis. Those results are now back and unfortunately show that the lump was a malignant carcinoma. Whilst our vet is confident that the lump was removed in its entirety we can't be sure if it has had the chance to metastasise. 

To give Poppy the best chance she is booked in to undergo a full mammary strip on the 24th June when she has fully recovered from her spey. She will spend her recovery period in her foster home and we won't be looking for a home for Poppy until we are happy she is fully recovered.

As funds are currently limited would like to appeal for help towards Poppy's fund. If you would like to make a contribution, however small, towards Poppy's veterinary care donations can be sent direct to the Cinque Ports Rescue account at Lakeview Veterinary Centre (01304 375571), by Paypal to cinqueportsrescue@gmail.com or via bank transfer to Lloyds sort code 77-63-11 account number 69062960.

Many thanks for your continued support, and we will keep you updated on Poppy's progress.

The CPR Team 

Gracie's story

Gracie and Bart were first seen straying on an industrial site in Kent on Christmas Eve, they were being left food by a kindly person but evaded capture until New Years Day. They spent the first weeks in the home of their finder and after their 28 days were up we were asked to take them for rehoming, however by then it was apparent that Gracie was carrying pups.

They were picked up and taken immediately to our vets where they both had a thorough check up and Gracie had a scan which showed that she was carrying 3 or 4 pups and probably only had 2 weeks until delivery! 

Gracie has settled in to her foster home where she will spend the next 3 months or so until her and her pups are ready to find homes. Bart has gone to another foster home where he is enjoying the company of his new friend Casper the Westie while he recovers from his neutering.

Bart has gone to a lovely new home with gorgeous female Pomeranian cross, neither him or Gracie have shown any signs of missing each other and both have bonded well with the other dogs in their foster homes. 

Gracie continues to do well and is steadily getting more rotund, it shouldn't be long now until she becomes a mum and although we have our wonderful vets on standby we are hoping for a safe and natural delivery. 

We are really pleased to announce that in the early hours of March 1st 2013 Gracie safely delivered 4 beautifully healthy puppies. 

Congratulations to her and her foster mum!